UAE Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba On 8th Annual Children's Ball for Children's National Medical Center

Many states taking a stand against Common Core

Many parents in New York State are refusing to allow their children to participate in the nation's first round of tests under the Obama Administration's controversial new standards system.
Correspondent Mike Tobin reports states are already dropping out just as the program is ramping up.

Concern over Russian capability for Ukrainian incursion

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych says he was wrong to invite Russian troops into Crimea. Yanukovich says he still hopes to persuade Russia to return the territory to Ukraine.
Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Greg Palkot continues his reporting from Kiev with new concerns about just the opposite happening.

Morell denies role in Benghazi ‘cover-up’ during hearing

Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Fox News Reporting: Surrendering America

Barack Obama entered the Oval Office promising to be a transformative figure who’d move this country forward. But to some, it seems as if America is in retreat. Fox News Reporting will examine the Administration’s plan to surrender control of the internet, its proposal to reduce our Army to the lowest level since before World War II, the decision to abandon America’s manned space program, and the Administration’s hesitance to fully exploit the nation’s natural energy resources to global strategic advantage.

Grapevine: A Man's Job, Paying Putin & The Bald Truth!


One thing missing as world leaders meet for a second day at the Nuclear Security Summit at the Hague… women servers. A Dutch newspaper reports the caterer decided only men would be allowed to serve lunch to the leaders of 53 countries. The caterer is defending his decision, saying he wanted a uniform look among the servers… which apparently…women cannot pull off. 


As president Obama pursues sanctions against Russia for its incursion into Crimea the US is paying Russia more than 70-million dollars to hitch a ride into space.  A Soyuz rocket was scheduled to take off today with NASA astronaut Steve Swanson joining two Russian cosmonauts on a trip to the International Space Station.  Since NASA's manned space program missions ended the only way into space is to carpool with the Russians at a price tag of 70.7 million for one seat.  A NASA spokesman says the ongoing conflict between the U-S and Russia here on Earth will have no bearing in space.


And finally, a Colorado girl's bold move of support for her friend with cancer got her kicked out of school. Nine-year old Kamryn shaved her head in solidarity with her good friend Delaney who is undergoing chemotherapy. But what many saw as a heartwarming display of true friendship the Caprock Academy saw as a dress code violation. School policy bans shaved heads on girls. Kamryn was told not to come back unless she was wearing a wig or her natural hair grew back.  School officials told Kamryn's mom they would not make an exception, but late yesterday-- after word of the suspension spread-- the school changed its tune. It has allowed Kamryn to return while it reviews the policy.

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Preview: Bret Interviews Outgoing NSA Director General Keith Alexander

BAIER: Former President Jimmy Carter saying he writes letters instead of sending e-mails because he's worried that you're listen -- you're reading his e-mails.

ALEXANDER:  Well, we're not.  So he can now go back to writing e-mails.  The reality is, we don't do that.  And if we did, it would be illegal and we'd be found, uh, I think accoun -- held accountable and responsible.  Look at all the folks that have looked at what we're doing, from the president's review group to Congress to the courts to the DNI, DOD, Justice.  Everybody reviews what we do to see if anybody is doing anything illegal like you suggest.  No one has found anything, zero, except for in 12 cases where people did that and we had already reported those.


Special Report Exclusive

Tonight on Special Report, Bret Baier sits down for an exclusive interview with outgoing Director of the National Security Agency, General Keith Alexander, whose last day is this week. We ask him about everything from surveillance to Edward Snowden to the changes he's seen.

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One More Thing: Children's National Medical Center Auction

Thank you to Dana Perino and The Five for mentioning the Children's Ball and auction tonight during One More Thing! Please check out the video and the auction site-- a lot of great items and all proceeds go to families and kids at Children's National Medical Center. 



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