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National Security Adviser Tom Donilon announced his resignation today-- Donilon has been with the administration since day 1, serving first as Deputy National Security Adviser. Senior officials tell Fox News that Donilon's wife recently took a new job that involves a lot of foreign travel and he has decided to make a change and spend more time with his family. 

President Obama announced shortly after that UN Ambassador Susan Rice will replace Donilon-- a note that the post does not require Senate confirmation.  Rice had been considered for Secretary of State following Hillary Clinton's departure, but withdrew from consideration amid fallout following the Benghazi attacks. 

Samantha Power, former aide to President Obama, will succeed Amb. Rice . Power was an aide on President Obama's '08 campaign, but stepped down following comments she made calling then Senator Hillary Clinton a "monster."


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Statement by Ambassador Susan E. Rice


November 27, 2012


Statement by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, November 27, 2012


Today, Acting CIA Director Michael Morell and I met with Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte to discuss my September 16th public comments regarding the attack against the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, and the intelligence assessments that formed the basis for those comments. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss these issues directly and constructively with them.


In the course of the meeting, we explained that the talking points provided by the intelligence community, and the initial assessment upon which they were based, were incorrect in a key respect: there was no protest or demonstration in Benghazi. 


While, we certainly wish that we had had perfect information just days after the terrorist attack, as is often the case, the intelligence assessment has evolved. We stressed that neither I nor anyone else in the Administration intended to mislead the American people at any stage in this process, and the Administration updated Congress and the American people as our assessments evolved.


The Administration remains committed to working closely with Congress as we thoroughly investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi and bring to justice the terrorists responsible for the tragic deaths of our colleagues, Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. We also look forward to the findings of the Accountability Review Board and the FBI investigation.




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