Krauthammer on gun control: ‘[Clinton’s argument] is a rather tepid one… [Trump’s] is strong.’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that following the announcement the National Rifle Association with back Donald Trump in the presidential race, the issue of guns in the general election will likely be a winning one for Trump – and a loss for Hillary Clinton.

“It’s true there have been some changes in public opinion as a result of the horrific gun massacres that have occurred, but if you heard Donald Trump speaking about it, and then you heard… Hillary Clinton, which argument is easier to make? Save the Second Amendment, or that meandering, somewhat nuanced, you might say if you were generous, argument that she made?”  Krauthammer asked, referring first to Trump’s commitment to gun owner’s rights -- and then to Clinton’s recent comments that guns don’t solve problems.

“[Her argument] is a rather tepid one, I’m not against it, I’m not for it. His is strong,” Krauthammer said, adding, “The Trump argument is a lot easier to make, and I think in the end, it’s much more of a winner… It’s easier to see and understand.”

Krauthammer: Trump/Ryan meeting “a sham marriage”

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that when it comes to the meeting between House Speaker Paul Ryan and presidential candidate Donald Trump in Washington today, “this is a sham marriage.”

Krauthammer predicted an eventual “perfunctory” endorsement from Ryan between now and the election.

He also said the difference between the two candidates joining together today is “good will” and not common principles.

“Paul Ryan is a conservative, has been all his life, and committed to certain conservative principles,” Krauthammer said. “Trump has made clear he is not a conservative. He’s a nationalist, populist

Ingraham says Trump Tax returns only matter to Hillary and maybe Mitt Romney

Conservative Radio Host Laura Ingraham told viewers on Wednesday's Special Report with Bret Baier that Donald Trump's tax returns aren't going to matter much in this election. 

Ingraham questions why Mitt Romney, the former 2012 Republican presidential nominee, would suggest that by not releasing his tax returns, Donald Trump is "disqualifying" himself from the race with voters.   "I don't know what Mitt Romney is doing... I guess at this point, he's in it to help Hillary,"  says Ingraham.

Trump insists he won't release his returns until the Internal Revenue Service has finished auditing them and his wealth has long been a subject of discussion since he entered the race last year. 

Ingraham says the Republican party is moving to a "populist, slightly more nationalistic party" and only Hillary Clinton is going to go after the billionaire nominee with respect to his tax returns. 

"Trump's not a doctrinaire conservative. We all know that but that's where the party has moved," Ingraham points out.  "Tax returns," the radio talk show host continued, "I don't  think that in this election cycle with so much on the line is going to have much of an affect, even though Hillary will try to make it."  

Trump on a potential VP: ‘I’m looking at some wonderful people’

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke with Bret Baier Thursday on “Special Report,” and addressed, among other things, questions about who he might choose as a running mate.  

“I think somebody with political experience that really has a close relationship with the Senate, with Congress, where they go in and help, so we don't have to sign executive orders like President Obama does every hour,” Trump said. “It would be nice to actually get something passed, as opposed to just, 'We're signing it anyway.' And I think we have some people that are very good candidates. I'm looking at some wonderful people. Some were on the stage with me, and some are not.”

While Trump wouldn’t weigh in on whether he’s considering New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) to be his vice president, he did dismiss reports that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) is in the running.

“She's very fine, but she's not under consideration,” he said.

Baier also asked Trump whether former competitor Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) might be on the short list for running mate, despite the fact the two shared nasty barbs on the campaign trail.

“We’ve had really nice conversations, not necessarily about that,” Trump said, adding, “We always had a very good relationship, Bret, Marco and I. Then it got a little bit nasty… Marco’s a good guy, a really nice guy, and I like him. Not necessarily with respect to any position, but it could happen.”

Delegate Math

Carlson on Trump Argument about Delegates:“It's the rationale for the campaign itself.”

FOX & Friends Weekend co-host and Fox News Contributor Tucker Carlson told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Donald Trump’s argument that the delegate system is “rigged” and takes power away from voters - particularly after his rival Ted Cruz took all of Colorado’s 34 delegates – “It's the rationale for the campaign itself. The idea that it's not really a democracy, it's an oligarchy, and this seems to prove that point to a lot of Trump supporters.”

On Wednesday Donald Trump argued that the system in Colorado was unfair, during a town hall with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, saying:  “What I’m saying is, give it to the voters...The republican folks have -- they've taken their vote away. They didn't even have the right to vote. I think it's a very sad situation.”

New Fox News polls out Thursday showed Trump widening his lead over the GOP field. Trump now beats Ted Cruz by an 18-point margin, 45 percent to 27 percent. Ohio Governor John Kasich comes in third at 25 percent.

But Carlson argued that these numbers prove that Trumps argument about the system is working in his favor and his widening poll numbers “are remarkable given just how bad Trump's last month was, I mean it almost defies description how bad it was, all self-inflicted. You'd think the numbers would go down, and they've gone up and I think it's exactly because of this.

“Look those are the rules, but the expectations people have of democracy are very different now,  in the age of the internet which is a kind of very flat structure. Everyone's a precious snowflake, you know. The idea that your vote doesn't matter, I think that's a much more painful and hard to reconcile idea than it would have been even thirty years ago.”

Krauthammer on Paul Ryan’s vision for Republicans: Rebuilding the party ‘after the rubble of this election cycle’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that while House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) garnered attention for his forceful announcement he will not be a contender for president this election cycle, the Speaker had a lesser publicized message for the American people that was nonetheless significant.

“The part of the speech I found the most interesting was when he talked about what he’s going to be doing in Congress. And that was kind of ignored,” Krauthammer said. “I think what he was doing, in addition to pulling out of the race, was to announce the  first step in the rebuilding of the party after the rubble of this election cycle.”

Krauthammer said that Ryan was offering a path forward -- one that he believes can unite Republicans after a contentious presidential contest

“The party will be irredeemably split, and what he was saying is… I will lead with a policy agenda to reconstruct the Reaganite ideas that have been utterly level in this cycle,” he said, adding, “I don’t think it’s with an eye to the presidency. He’s young, he can run anytime in the next 20 years. It’s an eye to holding the party together.”

Krauthammer: Cruz “extremely defensive” on New York support

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Cruz is “really extremely defensive” when it comes to his support in New York.

“He doesn’t even have a chance to talk about his issues in New York,” Krauthammer added. “He’s got to defend the New York values stuff, which was an enormous mistake. It didn’t really help him in Iowa. He could’ve done it without that phrase. And now how does he defend it? He can’t. And I think because he is talking only about that, I think his numbers are going to stay very low here.”

His comments come as the battleground for the 2016 presidential nomination has shifted to New York, Donald Trump’s home state. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has said that he supports Trump.

A new poll shows Trump leading the pack in the empire state with more than fifty percent of the vote. Kasich is running second with Cruz in third and both campaigned there Thursday.

Rising Threats: Shrinking Military

There is a growing sense the US military has signifcantly changed -- and not for the better -- during President Obama's seven years in office. We have received an overwhelming response to our Fox News Reporting hour 'Rising Threats: Shrinking Military' that ran last weekend. We thought we would go back in and look at some of the interviews to air some of what did not make it into the hour.  I talked with three of President Obam's four Defense Secretaries--

Hurt on Trump’s gaffe: “He has to stop stepping in it with things like this.”

Political Columnist for the Washington Times, Charles Hurt,  said Wednesday on Special Report that Donald Trump, “has to stop stepping in it with things like this.”

Hurt was referring to Trump’s comments to Chris Matthews of MSNBC that women who have abortions should be punished.

“Trying to wing it and not thinking through things, and talking through things,” continued Hurt, “Especially something that is as important to the Republican base as the issue of abortion.”

Trump later walked his comments back, and Hurt admits that may be enough for Trump in this topsy-turvy election year. “I think one of the things that's so puzzling to us about why he does not get punished for making these statements is, that a lot of people hear it and they feel like, yeah he's working thru the problem in front of us, but they think he's talking plainly, because he doesn't have the political pat answer for everything they give him a lot of forgiveness.”



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