Goldberg: Enormous Moral Hazard in Trump Carrier Deal

Jonah Goldberg told viewers Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that president-elect Donald Trump reaching a deal with Carrier to keep jobs in Indiana is “brilliant politically.” Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he would make an announcement “concerning Carrier A.C. staying in Indianapolis.” 
Conservative syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg warned that while convincing Carrier to  keep 1,000 jobs in US is a “big win for Trump politically,” it can also be a “moral hazard.” Goldberg explained that because of president-elect’s actions, “white house now can be baited into these kinds of tax giveaways and corporate welfare” to save few jobs.
Jonah Goldberg declared that despite some drawbacks, Donald Trump’s handling of Carrier is “not all that objectionable.” Goldberg said at the end of the day, Carrier deal is “great politics.”

Krauthammer on cabinet nominees: “Trump wants to get stuff done”

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that when it comes to the significance of President-Elect Donald Trump’s choices for cabinet positions, the picks show that “Trump wants to get stuff done.”

“He doesn’t care if he creates an argument for democrats to say ‘you’re hypocritical about Wall Street,’” Krauthammer added. “He cares about results.”

Krauthammer held up Georgia Congressman Tom Price – Trump’s selection for Health and Human Services Secretary - as an example.

“He is the perfect man if you want to dismantle Obamacare,” he said. 

Krauthammer: Trump Not Investigating Clinton’s ‘Right Thing to Do’

After President-elect Donald Trump moved away from his pledge to investigate the Clinton Foundation and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her email practices Tuesday, Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer lauded Trump’s decision.

“I think it’s right to do,” Krauthammer said on Special Report. “We do not want to see national political opponents putting each other in jail.”

He called the equivalent of pardon.

“Maybe she would be convicted, but that’s not what we want to do,” he stated.

Krauthammer admitted there would be people asking about justice, but said something’s for the country are just more important while comparing it to the pardon of Former President Richard Nixon over Watergate.

“He [Nixon] never was tried, but it was done so the country wouldn’t have to suffer that long national nightmare anymore,” he said. “Which I think many people today who objected at the time recognized.”


Krauthammer on Trump Transition Team: Reading the Trump Tea Leaves is Fruitless’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that when it comes to figuring out who will be in the Trump administration "trying to read the tea leaves here is really quit fruitless"  But, he said President-Elect Donald Trump is sending a message.  "The guy's putting together a team.  Let's see who he ends up with.  I think bringing in Romney, whether he gives him a job or not is quit a signal."

Krauthammer went on to say that the criticism of how long it is taking Trump to pick a team is unwarranted.  "I think criticism of the incoming administration has got is, as David Axelrod says, slightly unbalanced.  At the same point they had not made appointments and he said I don't remember being criticized."  Krauthammer added that the press can't seem to take a break when criticizing Donald Trump.   "It's as if parts of the press, who got used to attacking Donald Trump in the campaign are just itching to start those attacks when he takes office and I'm sure there will be reason to criticize him.  Can't take an interregnum of a month or two off.  Their such in the mode that they just have to do it, it's almost reflexive."

Carlson: Polls are moving away from Clinton

Tucker Carlson, host of Fox and Friends Weekend told viewers on Special Report with Bret Baier that Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are "getting away from her" in light of the FBI reviving a probe of the former first lady's email server.

Normally candidates make their closing arguments in the final week as voters cast their ballots but Donald Trump's political chance has been reinvigorated after last Friday's October bombshell.

"It doesn't mean she's going to lose. But this is not going according to plan," Carlson said. "It's moving in very unexpected way."

The former secretary of state enjoys a bevy of well-known supporters who have hit the campaign trail for her; President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.

At a campaign rally in the battleground state North Carolina, the president brought up Trump's refusal early on to disavow David Duke's backing to which Carlson took umbrage,  "The president today on the trail invoking the KKK, it's as that's some sort of, you know, meaningful part of America."

"It's farther than I've ever seen the president go on behalf of a candidate ever and it's  a measure of how worried they are, really worried."


Hurt on FBI probe: “What a way to end this campaign”

Fox News Contributor Charles Hurt told “Special Report with Bret Baier” viewers Monday that the election stakes are high for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, following the announcement of a new Hillary Clinton email probe.

“If, in fact, this goes forward and Hillary Clinton loses the election, and turns out there’s nothing but yoga emails on the server or completely irrelevant, harmless emails, it’s gonna be devastating for the FBI,” said Hurt.

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter about the probe to Congress just 11 days before the Presidential election. Republican Nominee Donald Trump praised the decision, whilst Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton has questioned the timing of the decision from the campaign trail.

The FBI is also making an preliminary inquiry into the business connections of Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and two others individuals affiliated with the campaign, Fox News learned Monday.

“I think [the FBI] just raised the stakes a little bit more with this new information about Paul Manafort,” said Hurt. “…What a way to end this campaign.”

Krauthammer Says Trump Is Holding His Own In The Polls Despite Recent Issues

Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Wednesday's Special Report with Bret Baier that with the race tightening, American voters are right back where they started at beginning of the year.

Both candidates stumped in battleground states with Donald Trump in North Carolina and Hillary Clinton in Florida.  New Fox News polls are showing a tight national race with Clinton having a three point lead over Trump but Florida poll shows Trump up by a couple of points in the Sunshine State. 

"The enthusiasm for Trump surely exceeds that on the part of the Democrats for Hillary Clinton," is how Krauthammer explained the close numbers. 

But it's more than that Krauthammer said because "when the bottom dropped out for just a few days of the Trump campaign...Trump could have just disappeared.  He didn't.  He's held his own."

The syndicated columnist was referencing when the Republican nominee was caught on tape making rude remarks about women but Krauthammer believes it's not just those comments that are narrowing the poll numbers, it's the issues that Clinton has been dodging too. 

"There's been this Wikileaks releases which have cumulatively, not individually but cumulatively reinforced the impression of a thoroughly corrupt campaign...and you add ObamaCare, which is an extremely important issue, that swayed two mid-terms elections and crushed Democrats, Krauthammer said.  

Flaws in Obamacare

Major flaws in Obamacare are of absolutely no surprise to anyone who has studied the law. Back in 2010 I asked President Obama about many of them at the White House. Here is part of that conversation:

Tucker Carlson: Exchange between Clinton staffers "infuriating"

 Tucker Carson told viewers Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the email exchange between Clinton staffers revealed by the latest WikiLeaks email dump is “infuriating on a whole bunch of different levels.”  Host of Fox & Friends was referring to the email exchange from 2011 between senior fellow John Halpin at the progressive think tank Center for American Progress, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and her communication director Jen Palmieri, in which Halpin and Palmieri bashed Catholics and evangelists.

Tucker Carson stated that had Clinton staffers ridiculed Islam instead of Catholicism, “the president would have a prime time press conference right now, urging all of us to sort of quell  our anti islamophobia.” In Carson’s opinion, Clinton communications director is “maligning the world’s largest religion.”

Fox & Friend anchor argued that its senseless to say that “Catholicism is backwards,” because there are many other “world religions that are far more retrograded on that question than anything that Catholic Church has ever come out with.” Tucker Carlson also expressed his frustration about the lack of media coverage on the WikiLeaks emails.

Krauthammer on Trump’s debate performance: He ‘stopped the bleeding’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s performance during a primetime debate Sunday helped keep his campaign afloat… amid dozens of weekend defections from the GOP.

“He prevented the crash last night. He was headed… over the edge, because his party was deserting him,” Krauthammer said. “All those defections, the governors and senators and members of Congress. Remember, when Nixon resigned, it was not right after the Supreme Court ordered him to release the tapes. It was when Barry Goldwater and the delegation from the Congress went to Nixon and said, 'It's over, you've got to resign.' And the next day, he announced his resignation.”

Krauthammer labeled the desertion by Republicans a “flight to the exits,” but said the debate steadied the campaign to a degree.

“It looks as if [Trump] stopped the bleeding,” he said.

Nevertheless, Krauthammer  acknowledged Trump’s leaked audio has cost his campaign much-needed time.

“He's behind… He used a debate that he could have used to close the gap to simply hold the campaign together,” he concluded. 



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