Should NYC Marathon be canceled?

****Update: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city will cancel Sunday's NYC Marathon in response to public uproar in the wake of Hurricane Sandy



Staten Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. 19 people in the borough died in the storm, including 2 young boys swept away by the strong current. Some people lost everything, thousands are without power and many on Staten Island feel that relief has not come fast enough.


Mayor Bloomberg announced that the New York City Marathon will take place as scheduled-- leaving many outraged. Extra police officers will be needed for crowd control and generators have been set up to power the marathon tents while thousands are without power in their own homes.


A Staten Island hotel manager told Fox News that he will not force guests out who have been displaced due to the storm ---despite the fact that many coming to town for the marathon have had reservations for weeks if not longer.


We want to know-- what do you think? Should the NYC Marathon take place or should it be postponed? Is it a good way to reunite New York after a tragic disaster or will it only make it worse? Share your thoughts with us here and on Twitter @BretBaier and we send thoughts and prayers to all affected by this devastating storm.