Officer murdered in "unprovoked attack"

A New York City police officer was shot and killed early Wednesday morning.

A 12 year department veteran, 48 year old Miosotis Familia was sitting in the passenger seat of a mobile command post when a gunman fired through the window striking her in the head.

Her partner radioed for help and within minutes other officers arrived at the scene, but it was too late.  Familia was taken to a nearby hospital and listed in critical condition. She died just a few hours later.

Authorities say the gunman was 34 year old Bronx resident Alexander Bonds. During his confrontation with police Bonds drew a revolver. Police opened fire striking and later killing him.  A bystander was also shot in the abdomen and is listed in stable condition. So far there has been nothing to suggest that Bonds or Officer Familia knew one another.

Bonds has a long criminal history. When he was a teenager he was accused of attacking a police officer with brass knuckles. Just two years ago he was paroled from prison after serving six years for robbery.

In a video posted to Facebook in September he ranted about police and said “it’s time for people to rise up.”

New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill is calling the shooting an assassination saying, “based on what we know now, it is clear that this was an unprovoked direct attack on police officers who were assigned to keep people safe.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement calling Familia’s murder a tragedy and “the latest in a troubling series of attacks on police officers over the past two years.”

For many New Yorkers the fatal shooting is reminiscent of the ambush killing of officers Wienjan Liu and Rafael Ramos three years ago. They were also sitting in a police vehicle when they were shot execution style by a lone gunman.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio paid tribute to officer Familia.

“She was on duty serving this city, protecting people, doing what she believed in and doing a job she loved.”

The mobile command post in the Bronx where officer Familia was killed has been on location since March of 2017 in an effort to curb the number of gang related shootings in the neighborhood.

Officer Familia leaves behind three children.