Hotel Transformed to House Illegal Immigrants

A non-profit group is laying out plans to turn the Palm Aire Hotel in Weslaco, TX into a facility to house illegal immigrant children between the ages of 12-17. The group was awarded a $50 million federal contract to purchase the hotel.

The facility would hold 600 beds and house the illegal children for an average of 15 days, providing them with meals, medical care, educational programs, and even outdoor recreational facilities that currently include a pool, gym, and tennis courts. 

City officials have put a hold on the plans due to permit issues, but the the organization, Baptist Child & Family Services, hopes to have the facility operational by October 1st.

Some are concerned about the other landowners in the area, as well as how many children the facility will hold and how they will decide what children will stay or be turned away. A fence would be placed around the facility, and restrictions would be put in place. 

The facility would employ around 650 people, and proponents of the plan say this is a responsible move in the right direction. 

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UPDATE: Group drops the plan following public relations obstacle


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