GOP wins come at a price

Tea Partiers and conservative DC-based super PACs have targeted seven GOP senators in Republican-leaning states they hoped to replace in this year's primaries. All of the Republicans in the cross hairs have won their primaries. 

Tennesee Senator Lamar Alexander was the last, and Thursday's Tennessee primary marks the first time since 2008 that every GOP Senate incumbent has been re-nominated.

But the win of the "establishment" comes at a financial expense - the Senators who have been challenged have spent millions of dollars in this year's primaries - money they'd prefer to have now to spend running against Democrats.

We have the very latest for you tonight on Special Report with "Campaign Carl" Cameron.

Mitt Romney in 2016?

Even though Mitt Romney has said he has no plans to venture into the 2016 presidential race, ardent supporters still feel he is the person who should occupy the White House.  But Romney appears to be a reluctant draftee, telling Fox News last month "no thanks... I'm not running."  Romney is not completely out of campaign-mode, however, appearing last week with New Hampshire senatorial candidate Scott Brown.  A recent Quinnipiac poll listed Barack Obama as the worst president since WWII and 45% of respondents think the country would be better off if Romney had been elected president in 2012.  Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron reports from Washington tonight for Special Report on the push for Mitt to run again.  

Do you think Mitt Romney should run again in 2016?

VP Biden hosts dinner with GOP Senators on Syria

Fox confirms Vice President Joe Biden will have dinner Sunday night with a group of GOP Senators who could be swayed on Syria. The topic of conversation is expected to be what the President needs to say in his Tuesday address. 

We do not have a list of Senators at this time, but the dinner will take place at the Naval Observatory.


Bret Answers Your Questions

First to FBN: CEOs to meet with House GOP leadership Wednesday morning to discuss Fiscal Cliff

Thank you to FBN's Rick Edson for this information:

The list, per a leadership source:

* Doug Oberhelman (CEO, Caterpillar Inc.) Peoria, IL

* Lloyd Blankfein (CEO & Chairman, Goldman Sachs Group) New York, NY

* Thomas Wilson (President & CEO, Allstate) Northbrook, IL

* Maya MacGuineas (President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget) Washington, DC

* Nicholas Calio (President & CEO), Airlines for America, Washington, D.C.

* David Cote (Chairman & CEO, Honeywell International Inc.) Morristown, NJ

* Mark Bertolini (Chairman, CEO & President, Aetna, Inc.) Hartford, CT *

* Erskine Bowles, Campaign Co-Founder

* Greg Sherrill (Chairman & CEO, Tenneco, Inc.) Lake Forest, IL



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