Special Report Grapevine: Ethics for Jocks

A is for Academic Fraud: Thousands of University of North carolina students-- nearly half of them athletes-- received college credit for bogus classes that never met and did not even have a professor.  An investigation found the academic fraud went on for two decades. Most of the athletes involved were on the football and basketball teams. Counselors recommended the classes to athletes struggling to meet academic eligibility requirements.  Nine school employees have been fired or are under disciplinary review for academic fraud. The NCAA is reviewing the findings and sanctions could range from fewer scholarships to forfeiting prior wins. 
The Sunshine States?: The city of South Miami has passed a resolution in favor of creating a 51st state. Some commissioners want south Florida to break away over concerns about global warming. They say state lawmakers are not taking seriously worries over rising sea levels, quote "we have to be able to deal directly with this environmental concern and we can't really get it done in Tallahassee."
Even the mayor agrees--"It's very apparent that the attitude of the northern part of the state is that they would just love to saw the state in half and just let us float off into the Caribbean. I would love to give them the opportunity to do that." The resolution faces a major up-hill battle. It must be considered by all 24 counties in the proposed new state and would have to ultimately be approved by the entire state and Congress. 
Aging Electorate: Finally, an aging New York city electorate that according to voter logswas alive when Abraham Lincoln was president. The New York Post reports 850 voters are listed as being 164 years old with identical birth dates of January 1, 1850.  The board of elections officials say the problem is the result of an old policy allowing residents to decline to give their true age. When the rules changed employees were required to input a birth date or remove voters from the register, so they made up an antebellum birthday.  New voters cannot participate without providing a real birth date, but these old timers are grandfathered in. 
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Mitt Romney blimp crash lands in Florida

A blimp displaying a Mitt Romney campaign ad crash landed in Davie, Fla. Sunday evening. Read more here on the Washington Post website!



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