Convention Facts!

1932 Chicago- Franklin Roosevelt is the first major-party candidate to accept a presidential nomination in person. For a centry of conventions, candidates would accept the nomination from home so as not to appear too aggressive. FDR arrives by plane.

Bret on the convention floor!

We shot this with an iPhone so the volume is not as great as we would like, but let us know what you think of our coverage so far!

Convention Facts!

There are 2,286 delegates at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa!

Bret Baier? Is that you?

Look what we found driving around Tampa!!

The Republican National Convention is officially in session!

At 2pm ET today the RNC was officially called to order! Here is a video from the Fox skybox at the Tampa Bay Times Forum!

Convention Facts!!

2004 New York City: The Republicans dropped the most balloons ever at a convention--100,000, all of them biodegradable

Convention Facts!!

The first woman to be placed into nomination at a major party convention: 1964 Republican convention in San Francisco. Senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine was placed into nomination and received 27 votes.

Convention Facts!

Our first day in Tampa and things are off to a great start! The Special Report team is getting acclimated to the Tampa Bay History Center and the Tampa Bay Times Forum! The convention stage is coming along and we have a great location for our show! Bret and Megyn Kelly will be live tomorrow evening at 9pm ET for special coverage with Americas Election Headquarters-- we hope you will tune in!

Here is the convention fact of the day:

June 1924: About three million American homes had the technology to hear President Calvin Cooldige win the nomination, the first time the Republican Convention was broadcasted on the radio.



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