What will President Obama's second term look like?

More on this tonight on Special Report including the President Obama's cabinet-- who will stay and who will go? And what challenges lie ahead for the president and his administration? 


Also, the latest news on a breaking story--a US military drone fired upon last week by Iran over international waters-- why are we just learning about this now? And Catherine Herridge with a Benghazi update for us all at 6pm ET on Special Report!


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Happy Halloween!

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Sarah Palin's comments-- what do you think?

Sarah Palin wrote this message (see below) on her Facebook page on Wednesday regarding the Obama administration and the situation in Benghazi. She is receiving a lot of publicity with many who say the post's title is racist. We want to know-- what do you think?
Are Governor Palin's 'Shuck and Jive' comments racist? Let us know here on the blog!!
Obama's Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies

by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 11:39am ·

As I mentioned on “On the Record” last night, there is breaking news that just two hours after the September 11th attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, the White House and State Department knew that an Islamic terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda claimed credit for the attack. We now know that the State Department sent an email to the White House, the Pentagon, the FBI and others in the intelligence community about this Islamist group claiming responsibility. And yet for days afterwards the White House and State Department led everyone to believe that the attack was the result of a spontaneous protest over an obscure YouTube video that had been uploaded months prior. Anywhere from 300 to 400 people from the administration and our intelligence community would have seen that email. Why the lies? Why the cover up? Why the dissembling about the cause of the murder of our ambassador on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil? We deserve answers to this. President Obama's shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end.


- Sarah Palin


Young love at an Obama campaign event

Take a close look at this photo Tweeted by the Obama campaign's official Twitter account as "Photo of the Day"-- top row.

Donald Trump's Big Annoucement

Donald Trump promises to give a check for $5 million dollard to a charity of President Obama's choice if he releases his records--- check out the YouTube video below:

American Crossroads: New Ad Featuring Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is back in the 2012 spotlight-- and this time he left the chair at home and brought a script with him for a new commercial from super PAC American Crossroads.

The actor might be remembered best this political season for his odd monologue at the Republican National Convention in August-- it left many puzzled.

According to the New York Times, the ad will start running Wednesday in seven states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia.

What do you think?

Lynn's oldest student wins seat at debate

Palm Beach Post

by ekleinberg

Lynn's oldest student wins seat at debate

When Jack Slotnick told Lynn University administrators he wanted to go back to college at age 84, for a degree in psychology, the natural question was “why.”

“My wife (of 38 years) won’t close the closet doors,” he recalled saying. “I want to find out why.”

That was good enough for them. Three years ago, he became Lynn’s oldest freshman. Now, at 86 — 87 in four weeks — he’s the school’s oldest graduate student.

And on Monday morning, he held a ticket to Monday night’s presidential debate. No less than university president Kevin Ross gave up his own ticket for Slotnick.

With a shock of white hair and a twinkle in his eye, the World War II veteran from Lake Worth held court with students who’d won a lottery for the few student tickets available.

He said he has no preverence in the debate; he said the first one he remembers is the one Franklin Roosevelt had over the Depression-era recovery. It’s there in the history books.

After serving in Europe in the war, Slotnick said, he came back to Brooklyn and attended night school for three years. But his job in vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers meant a lot of travel and he never got his degree.

He moved to South Florida about 15 years ago. He says he passed Lynn about a hundred times, but one day he found himself on Butts Road, the street named for local bean farmers who once owned the area where the Town Center mall now stands. Up the road: Lynn.

He recalled thinking, “I’m on Butts Road. There’s no more ‘buts.’”

Slotnick said his fellow students — he won’t “diss” them by calling them “kids” — have adopted him and he’s enjoying his pursuit.

“Life is never over until it’s over,” he said. “Every single day you don’t learn something, and every single day you don’t laugh about something, you’ve wasted it.”


Mitt Romney blimp crash lands in Florida

A blimp displaying a Mitt Romney campaign ad crash landed in Davie, Fla. Sunday evening. Read more here on the Washington Post website!

Bret previews the VP debate

Fox News Reporting: Obama's Green Agenda



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