President Trump reaches across the aisle

Reporting by John Roberts

In the Oval Office today, meeting with the Emir of Kuwait, President Trump reassured people in the path of Irma that while it has been strained to the max, the federal government is on the job.

“We’ve never had a thing like this where you get hit with Harvey which was about as bad as it gets, and then you get hit with Irma,” the president said. “ I think FEMA’s been—I don’t think anybody has done anything like they’ve done at FEMA, and they have done a really good job.”

The president also weighed in on the surprise deal he cut with Senator Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi yesterday, indicating that there may be more such deals ahead.

“The people of the United States want to see it coming together. At least to an extent,” Mr. Trump said. We’re different parties and we have different thoughts, different feelings, and different ideas. But I think you’re going to see a much stronger coming together.”

Already, President Trump is in preliminary discussions with the democratic leadership on how to do away with the need for repeated measures to raise the debt ceiling.

And a tweet President Trump sent out this morning telling DACA recipients: “For all of those that are concerned about your stats during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about—No action!”

The tweet was prompted by a morning phone call with Leader Pelosi: “When he called this morning, I said, thanks for calling. This is what we need; the people really need a reassurance from you, Mr. President, that the 6 month period is not a period of roundup.

Republicans who were blindsided by what President Trump did on the debt ceiling and government funding yesterday were left to put their best spin on it this morning.

Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters, “The president made it really clear, and what he was aiming for in that meeting yesterday was a bi-partisan moment, while the country is facing two horrible hurricanes.”

Sources tell FOX News the president went into the meeting with the intention of clearing the decks on the knotty issue of debt ceiling and government funding so congress could stay focused on tax reform.

Sources also say the president grew weary of the dithering that was consuming the meeting. When the two sides appeared to hit a stalemate, agreeing to disagree, President Trump jumped in to close the deal he could get—if not the one he wanted.

The move shocked the Republican leadership, angered many conservatives, and produced a remarkable photo of the president and Senator Chuck Schumer locked in a partial embrace—but it appears to have the intended effect.

“This is our number one priority this fall,” said Speaker Ryan. “As you may have heard me say earlier, we want Americans to begin the new year with a new tax system.”