New Details: Manafort raid

Reporting by Catherine Herridge

The FBI’s July raid on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s Virginia home lasted 10 hours and involved a dozen federal agents, according to a source close to the investigation who described the raid as heavy-handed and designed to intimidate.

The source—whose account was backed up by a second individual not authorized to speak on the record—said both Manafort and his wife were asleep when armed FBI agents entered the Alexandria, VA condo, without warning at about 6 o’clock in the morning, concluding the search by late afternoon.

FOX News is told that agents copied his electronics through a process known in law enforcement circles as “mirroring” and agents collected records, including several documents marked “attorney-client” that included privileged material to prepare Manafort for congressional testimony.

The FBI raid came the same week Manafort appeared before two senate committees, providing documents on a voluntary basis. A spokesman for Special Counsel Robert Mueller declined to comment. A former Justice Department official pointed to the timing’s significance, saying: “The timing of all this is unusual because ordinarily if you are in the process of testifying before Congress and turning dogs over to Congress you would think the prosecutors might say, well this person is cooperating and there is no need for us to go in and get a search warrant. The fact that Mueller, nonetheless, went in, got a search warrant, and raided his home, suggests that there is something else going on here.”

 In a separate development, congressional investigators are reviewing a campaign email sent bu Rick Dearborn, now the president’s deputy chief of staff. A source tells FOX that Dearborn got an offer to set up a meeting between top Trump campaign officials and the Russian President. Dearborn was skeptical, but still forwarded the email, ultimately refusing the offer.

And on this week’s closed door testimony about the unverified Trump dossier, at least one Senator, Democrat Richard Blumenthal, wants the transcript public.