Grim discovery on Pennsylvania farm

Reporting by Rick Leventhal 

After days of digging, described as painstaking and reverential, authorities in Bucks County Pennsylvania made a grim discovery.

In a grave 12.5 feet below ground they found multiple murder victims, including 19-year old Dean Finocchiaro, one of the four young men missing since late last week. 19 year old Jimi Taro Patrick, 22 year old Mark Sturgis, and 21 year old Tom Meo are still unaccounted for.

Bucks County DA Mathew Weintraub gave a press conference this afternoon.

“There are additional human remains in that grave. This process will go on. This is a homicide. We just don’t know how many homicides.”

Authorities were not surprised by the find on the farm—in fact, they’ve been predicting it. In part because law enforcement sources tell Fox cadaver dogs reacted so positively at the site.

Weintraub says, “I don’t understand the science behind it, but those dogs could smell these poor boys 12 and a half feet below the ground.”

The area is well hidden from the road on 90 acres of land owned by the family of 20 year old Cosmo DiNardo.

 DiNardo, the sole person of interest in the case, was arrested Wednesday for stealing Tom Meo’s car and trying to sell it two days after Meo vanished.

DiNardo is being held on $5,000,000 cash bail, the highest ever set by the Bucks County judge.

An attorney representing DiNardo’s parents says the family is doing what it can to help investigators under trying circumstances.

“It’s obviously a very tragic situation, Mr. and Mrs. DiNardo are parents and they certainly can sympathize with the parents of these young boys that are missing. I can tell you they are doing everything in their power to cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation at this point.”