US transferring 4 Gitmo detainees to UAE and Saudi Arabia, US officials

The US military will transfer four more Gitmo detainees this week ahead of President Obama leaving office Friday, two US officials with knowledge of the transfers tell Fox News.

Three detainees will be sent to the United Arab Emirates and one to Saudi Arabia on two separate US military flights, the officials said.

41 detainees will remain at Gitmo after the latest transfers are complete.  It is not immediately clear if any more transfers will take place before President Obama leaves office Friday.

President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to end detainee transfers from Gitmo after taking office Friday.

The four detainees are expected to depart Gitmo Wednesday and arrive in UAE and Saudi Arabia Thursday, the officials said.

The Pentagon does not typically acknowledge detainee transfers until at least 24 after they arrive in third-party nations.

Earlier this week, 10 detainees were transferred to Oman.

In August, 15 Gitmo detainees were sent to the UAE in the largest single transfer to date.