Special Report Grapevine: Entire High School Class Loses Diplomas

$50,000 Mistake: If you are going to build a memorial to a local icon you better make sure you get the right icon. Ottawa officials ordered a $50,000 piece of art to commemorate Jack Purcell, a local man who dedicated his time to fixing hockey sticks for neighborhood children. The Ottawa Citizen reports what the city got was 10 un-strung badminton rackets in dedication to a five-time badminton national champion also named Jack Purcell, but not the one from Ottawa.

A local ward councilor is not pleased, saying the creator must have "Googled Jack Purcell and the only thing that comes up is the badminton player. The Ottawa hockey stick helper out of kids doesn't come up on Google."

Hold On To Your Hats!: A time-honored graduation tradition..the tossing of the caps in the air..cost an entire class of high school graduates their diplomas -- at least temporarily. The students at Ridgewood High in suburban Chicago were warned not to throw them. The superintendent explained his reasoning for withholding the diplomas--"We expect dignified behavior. In past ceremonies, people have been hit by flying caps. We'd just as soon not have graduates leaving with cuts and black eyes."

Today, officials said they had rethought the decision and will send out the diplomas immediately.

Scared of Heights?: Finally, A scary event at the second tallest building in the western hemisphere. Standing on the glass floor at the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, over 1,300 feet in the air, can be frightening., but not nearly as scary as the glass starting to crack under your feet. That is just what happened to members of a California family. One of them told the Chicago Tribune he could feel the floor cracking.

A spokesman for the tower says there was no danger and only the protective coating cracked -- as it is designed to do -- to protect the glass.