Special Report Grapevine: Florida prepares for the zombie apocalypse?

Tough to Stomach: Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. More than 100 people came down with a nasty case of suspected food poisoning while at a conference on food safety. It happened earlier this month in Baltimore. The summit was attended by officials from the CDC and the Food and Drug administration as well as members of the food industry. Maryland health officials have inspected the food service provider at the conference and are still trying to figure out what caused the outbreak.

Rocky Relationship: A Florida congressman says he has a good reason to end his marriage. Democrat Alan Grayson claims for four years of their union his wife was also married to another man. Congressman Grayson filed for an annulment last week claiming that when they got married in 1990, he had no idea his bride was already hitched. He says she got divorced in secret four years later. Earlier this year Lolita Grayson accused the congressman of pushing her during an argument. But police found no probable cause to charge him. 

The Walking Dead?: And finally, Florida lawmakers are considering whether it's ok to carry a concealed gun during a zombie apocalypse. Yesterday State Senator Dwight Bullard proposed a rule allowing people without a permit to take a weapon during a mandatory evacuation.   The Democrat wants to make sure such evacuations are not limited to hurricanes or other natural disasters, adding a provision for quote  "An act relating to the zombie apocalypse." Presumably, this would protect you from facing the legal consequences of carrying an illegally concealed firearm after the zombie apocalypse is over.