Special Report Grapevine: Explosive Rental Car?

CAR WITH EXPLOSIVES RENTED: A training exercise in Anchorage had a major hiccup when a rental car with a small amount of explosives inside of it was accidentally rented. The police had placed the explosive in the car for K-9 training when the officer tasked with keeping an eye on it turned his back on the car.  

OSPREY VS TRAFFIC CAM: Three times now an osprey has built a nest right in front of a traffic camera on the US 50 approach to the Bay Bridge. The Maryland Transportation Authority says they need the camera to monitor traffic conditions on the bridge but the osprey doesn’t seem to be getting the message. At last check he is working on attempt #4.

MICHELLE AND RESUME: A little girl is going above and beyond when it comes to helping her dad find a job. As part of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day the First Lady held a Q & A with kids whose parents work at the White House.  When the girl was called on by Michelle Obama she gave her dad’s resume to the First Lady, saying he had been out of work for three years.