Gutfeld: Smoking Overshadows Glorified Violence in WWE

Written by Greg Gutfeld / Published April 21, 2011 / Red Eye

So, a wrestling star known as R-Truth lit up a cigarette on "Raw" Tuesday night, and now one rage-infested anti-smoking activist is demanding he apologize.

Why? Because he lit up in a front of a row of precious children, who were there to watch two grown men in tiny underwear beat the crap out of each other as opposed to smoke.

Because smoking is evil, as opposed to steroids, violence and satin underpants.

Now this is likely a stunt; R-Truth is supposed to be a bad guy, and bad guys smoke. See my weird Uncle Seth. Well, he does more than smoke, actually, but we won't get into that here because it's troubling and makes me sad.

Even anti-smoking activist Patrick Reynolds is manufacturing the outrage that is part of this drama, whining to TMZ, "For him to smoke in front of [children] is irresponsible. At best, it's thoughtless, and at worst, if he calculated appealing to kids by posing as a bad-boy outlaw, it's evil."

Meanwhile, the WWE defends the incident saying, "Negative depictions of tobacco use on television are not unusual and can be seen on other TV-PG shows."

True. But my response might have been, "Children come to watch glorified abuse and mayhem and you're offended by the smoking. Blow it out your butt you big fusspot."

In this age of misguided priorities tethered to infantile outrage, smoking is the easiest thing to get angry about. While mobs beat the crap out of innocent people on subways and buses, at least here with smoking, you can express feeble rage without fear of retribution.

It's perfect for pro wrestling. Safe and fake.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe.

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