• With: Meagan Broussard, had online relationship with Rep. Weiner

    HANNITY: And yesterday, Anthony Weiner finally told the truth and revealed that he has had inappropriate Internet relationships with at least six women. One of them, 26-year-old Meagan Broussard sat down with me last night to tell her side of the story. Here is now part two of our very candid discussion. Let's take a look.


    HANNITY: Did you learn anything about this? I mean, this probably has opened your eyes a lot in terms of what goes on?

    BROUSSARD: Oh, yes. Just that, you know, it's just a crazy world out there. And I will be so much quieter and so much more introverted about everything I do. And, but it is not going to define who I am or anything like that.

    HANNITY: Yes. Do you think this has the ability to damage people? In other words, when people are that aggressive, did you feel it -- and then the story becomes public. And all of a sudden here you are, from a pretty small town. And being in the media is not your favorite thing?

    BROUSSARD: Sure.

    HANNITY: And you know, did you ever think at some point, oh my God, I'm in the middle of this, what am I going to do? You know, what are people going to be thinking about this? That's got to be racing through your mind. Try to bring us into that whole thought process.

    BROUSSARD: The only thing that really picked me up was a thought that OK, I have to get, you know, in control of those pictures. You know, for my own safety. You know, that's the main thing for me. And so, I think that really helped me a lot.

    HANNITY: In control of his pictures or your pictures?

    BROUSSARD: My pictures that he was in possession of.

    HANNITY: Pictures of you?

    BROUSSARD: Right. Because, you know, anybody, especially the people that are supposedly looking through his e-mail can leak any of that, you know, what I'm saying, there's a lot of.

    HANNITY: But this is important, but you never sent anything explicit.

    BROUSSARD: Right, I'm talking about the photos, just of me. You know, I mean, there's PG-13 ones. But nothing that I was ever be embarrassed about. But do I want to splash all over? No. But it probably will, but, hey, I'm here to say...

    HANNITY: Yes. But, you know, it may not. I mean, you see the only person, you and him would be the only ones in possession of them. So, if they ever came out, they would have come from him.

    BROUSSARD: Or someone that is pilfering through his e-mail inbox like he said that firm. So, that's what I'm talking about, the firm that was supposedly investigating that. You know, people do stuff like that all the time.

    HANNITY: Well, if you had to say anything to him tonight, would you say, please keep my photos and our conversations private or?

    BROUSSARD: Sure. I mean.

    HANNITY: You would want him to do that?

    BROUSSARD: Sure.

    HANNITY: You think a person that would send this to a young girl, somebody said at the press conference, maybe young enough to be his daughter, you know, that maybe he has really poor judgment?

    BROUSSARD: I mean, I would, but you know. I'm not God. But I would say, you know, if you are elected to Congress, you know, what are you doing all day long, sitting there?

    HANNITY: And if he does this on multiple occasions, doesn't it show a certain recklessness on him?

    BROUSSARD: Sure.

    HANNITY: And a pattern? What do you think of the pattern knowing as one of the people that sort of victim of it in a way.

    BROUSSARD: I wouldn't say victim. But I would say, I don't know, I mean, he obviously has some issues with impulse control or something, you know. Something he has to feel wanted in some way. So, and this obviously fulfills him. Maybe he's searching for something, I don't know. I can't speak for him.

    HANNITY: But if you are going to be a congressman and your judgment is in question. And you have impulse control issues. Oh, I know, the other photo -- wasn't the other photo, the original one that was leaked to the press of him in his underwear?

    BROUSSARD: Oh, yes.

    HANNITY: OK. He sent you that one, too. And, you know, you are looking at this, you are 26-years-old, and, you know, you are still pretty young. And a congressman is doing that. Do you conclude maybe that he might not be -- when he didn't resign, did you think maybe it was appropriate for him to resign?

    BROUSSARD: I'm not going to go into all that. It is up to him, you know. And whoever elected him, how they feel about that and...

    HANNITY: How did you first get contacted by ABC?

    BROUSSARD: A mutual friend did.

    HANNITY: And said what?

    BROUSSARD: Just threw it out there. There was like, these people want to talk to you.

    HANNITY: Right. And did you -- you were unhappy with their coverage, because why? You were.

    BROUSSARD: I just feel like certain, you know snippets were taken out. You know, and I don't "sext" people all day long. I don't do this all the time. I have a life. I go to school. I have a child. I work. You know?

    HANNITY: You don't sit on the Facebook all day.

    BROUSSARD: Yes. I don't sit at Facebook all day long and dream about people I can talk to. So, yes, I just thought that, you know, I didn't realize the whirlwind that this was going to bring. I didn't understand all that. You know, I'm from a small town, that doesn't mean I'm dumb. But, you know, I'm not used to all this.

    HANNITY: I was thinking. I tried to put myself in your position in this way. United States congressman is writing me almost every morning for a while. How are you? What is going on?

    BROUSSARD: Well, I didn't think it was him, you know.