• With: Meagan Broussard, had online relationship with Rep. Weiner

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    SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Meagan Broussard, the woman responsible for helping to expose the shocking truth about Anthony Weiner, sat down with me last night for a candid discussion about her relationship with the congressman and much more. Here's part one of that interview.


    HANNITY: So, you caught up in this media whirlwind a little bit.


    HANNITY: It is surprising to you?

    BROUSSARD: Very surprising.

    HANNITY: Why?

    BROUSSARD: I just have no idea how I ended up in all this. But obviously, I did. So, I'm just here to tell my side of the story. And get things straight.

    HANNITY: You actually wrote, I thought a pretty powerful statement that was on BigGovernment.com. And you described, you are 26-years-old?

    BROUSSARD: Uh-huh.

    HANNITY: OK. You served in the Army, full-time college student. You're a single mom.

    BROUSSARD: Right.

    HANNITY: And then you tell the story, you saw something about Anthony Weiner. When did he first catch your attention?

    BROUSSARD: It was actually just, you know, a simple YouTube video of him, that I saw. It was the rant about the 9/11 health care bill. I said wow, that is interesting that someone is that passionate about something. Just to see, you know, a politician because I don't pay attention to politics, really. But that just caught my eye. So, I though, huh.

    HANNITY: And so, you kind of admired it?

    BROUSSARD: Sure.

    HANNITY: And did you know when he was giving the speech that he was a congressman?

    BROUSSARD: I knew, obviously, I knew he was in politics. But I didn't know his background in-depth, no.

    HANNITY: Right. All right. So, you, it was April, I mean, really was not long ago, April 20th was the date, that you clicked on his Facebook page.

    BROUSSARD: Well, I liked something. And then I put a comment with it, "hot."

    HANNITY: Right.

    BROUSSARD: And so, he friended me. It was nothing, you know.

    HANNITY: And then who introduced who? Did he then go from there and introduce himself to you?

    BROUSSARD: Yes. We just corresponded back and forth, just, you know, chatting, that's it.

    HANNITY: All right. It started out as just friendly. And then it became daily. OK. Tell us how that evolved?

    BROUSSARD: Just, you know, I mean, chatting every day. You know, hey, how are you doing? Good morning, good night, that sort of thing. I don't want to get like too in-depth about what we actually talked about, because it is not important. All I'm saying is that, yes, we corresponded, we talked.

    HANNITY: Right. And I guess what the big issue here is, you know, your name came up in the press conference. What did you think when you heard your name?

    BROUSSARD: Wow. I was like -- just unbelievable. But, you know, what? I came forward because I was approached. And, you know, I'm telling, you know, nobody is going to pull the rug under me before something comes out. I'm going to define me, so that's why I'm here.

    HANNITY: And you saw that he had hired private eyes and that worried you?

    BROUSSARD: Exactly. Yes. Because I mean, he did have photos of me, not risky photos, nothing, you know, rated R. But still, anybody can get those photos and leak them, and that's my life, and my personal life. So, I'm going to take charge of that.

    HANNITY: All right. So, when all of a sudden, the conversations as we know it then became pretty sexual in nature, from him. You thought, you even said that you thought that was strange, that was bizarre.

    BROUSSARD: Yes, I did. But, you know. Everybody has their own demons, we'll say but...

    HANNITY: Did you think -- when this was happening, did you ever think this is a congressman and, you know?

    BROUSSARD: I just thought it was crazy. Nuts.

    HANNITY: And it was very explicit at times?

    BROUSSARD: Sometimes, a little bit. But I mean, this isn't someone I openly engaged in like, we call it "sexting." You know, it wasn't like that. It was just like, hey, throw some stuff out there, see if I took the bait. I wasn't interested really, so.

    HANNITY: Right. And then all of the sudden, how many photos total between the different accounts that he had that you know that he sent you?

    BROUSSARD: I'm not sure, maybe five.