• With: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    So, what President Abbas of the Palestinian authority has to do is to do before his people what I did before my people. He has to stand up there and say six words, I will recognize the Jewish state. You know what, I will give them a concession, he can do it in five. I recognize the Jewish state.

    He won't say it. Why not? If you want peace, say it. That's the only way that we'll know that the Palestinian people will know that it is over. And that's the only way that the people of Israel will know that we have a real peace partner, and that's what the world has to put forward. Tell Abbas to say the simple words, I will recognize the Jewish state.


    HANNITY: And coming up, more of my cable exclusive with Prime Minister Netanyahu. He pulls no punches when talking about the clear and present danger that Iran poses to America and to his people.


    HANNITY: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before a joint meeting of Congress today. And a short time after that speech, I sat down with him for a cable exclusive interview. And here is more of my candid conversation with the prime minister.


    HANNITY: We go back a long ways.

    NETANYAHU: Yes we do.

    HANNITY: And very kiddingly, somebody said, is there any chance that the prime minister has a birth certificate in Hawaii? For those that would like you to run in our upcoming elections.

    NETANYAHU: No way. I have a country.

    HANNITY: I'm teasing.

    NETANYAHU: Well, I'm sure you're teasing. I have to tell you, I respect America. I grew up and I spent a few of my high school years in Philadelphia. I visited the Liberty Bell many times. I know this bond. There's a Liberty Bell, a replica of it right near my office in Jerusalem. And it has an inscription. And the inscription is from the book of Leviticus in the bible. It says, "Proclaim freedom throughout the land." That's what we're about. The greatest democracy in the world and the only democracy in the Middle East. I hope we have other democracies soon. There's a deep bond there.

    And in many ways, I think I lead a country that shares so many values with America. And that's why Americans share this affinity to Israel, you could see it today in the Congress. It was so powerful. So encouraging. And so, you know, so uplifting. What I saw there was representatives of the American people saying to Israel, we're with you. And that's tremendous.

    HANNITY: It was interesting. Because you talked about 300 million Arabs, one million are free and they live in Israel.

    NETANYAHU: They are citizens. People don't know that. They don't know that we have in Israel, in the sovereign state of Israel. I'm not talking about the West Bank and, you know, disputed territories. I'm talking citizens of Israel. We have seven million citizens. Over a million are Muslim-Arabs. And they are the only once in this vast expanse from, as I said, from the Cairo pass to the straits of Gibraltar. And this whole vast area of the Middle East and North Africa. The only ones who are free, who have free democratic rights, are the Arab citizens of Israel.

    So, I said, and I think this is right, Israel is not what is wrong in the Middle East, Israel is what is right in the Middle East. It's the only place where you have the kind of genuine democracy, so far. And, you know, I hope this changes. I hope we see other democracies emerge.

    HANNITY: You said to President Abbas, tear up your pact with Hamas. You went into detail, you talked about a changing and a growing economy for the Palestinian people, how things are changing. But yet, on the other hand, you described teaching children to hate Jews. You talked about the influence, Hezbollah is being funded weaponry comes from Iran. You have Hamas obviously firing rockets into Israel. You have battles with Lebanon. You have obviously Syria has been a mortal enemy of the Jewish state of Israel. Are you confident, do you think that maybe Abbas will listen? Do you have the confidence he will agree to break this unity pact?

    NETANYAHU: For the sake of peace and for the sake of my people and his, I hope he does. Because you can only make peace with an enemy who wants peace. An enemy that is committed to your destruction is not a partner for peace.

    I think that's a central lesson in the 20th century. You know, I think if the democracies made a mistake in the 20th century is they didn't identify an implacable enemy committed to fanaticism. And I think America understands that very well. Certainly understands it with bin Laden and Al Qaeda. You don't negotiate with Al Qaeda, what is there to negotiate about? Are you destroying more American cities? Obviously, not.

    So, what do we have to negotiate with Hamas, the method of our emulation? You know, this is a demand that has to be put forward not only by me, the prime minister of Israel. But by anyone who wants peace. Everybody should turn to President Abbas and say, what I said today in Congress, "Tear up your pact with Hamas." Sit down and negotiate peace. Make peace with the Jewish state.

    HANNITY: This is recent, though. And it is obviously problematic. Because you got -- you described a very small landmass. And, you know, you are dealing with Hamas, and Hezbollah and Iran and...

    NETANYAHU: Tough neighborhood.

    HANNITY: It's a tough neighborhood. I think you were very, very clear in all of that. If they do not recognize Israel, if that recognition does not come, peace cannot come.

    NETANYAHU: That's right. Well, that's what the Americans say too.

    HANNITY: Yes.

    NETANYAHU: The formal American position is, they've got to recognize the state of Israel about Hamas and they've got to give up terror. They say, since signing this initial pact with the Palestinian authority, we are never going to recognize Israel, we are committed to the obliteration of the Zionist entity and we continue the armed struggle. You know what that is, that's the polite term for terrorism.

    HANNITY: Sure.

    NETANYAHU: In the meantime, they are putting into Gaza about 10,000 rockets, which they fire on us. They've already fired 6,000 rockets on us. They are amassing more. So, they are not a partner for peace. I don't think anybody listening to us and anybody in Washington, any fair-minded viewer or observer of the Middle East would really expect Israel to do this. And they don't. I mean, fair-minded governments don't expect that. But I think it was important that this was said by President Obama. I think that's very, very important.


    HANNITY: And coming up, the prime minister delivers a very strong message to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the enemies of Israel.


    HANNITY: The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interrupted early and often by applause today during his speech to a joint meeting of Congress. Now following his address, I sat down with him for a cable exclusive. And here is tonight's final installment of our conversation.


    HANNITY: Over the years that I've had a chance to interview you, you talked about moral clarity. How Iran, Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust, repeatedly talks about Israel's destruction, wiping Israel off the map.

    NETANYAHU: That's right.

    HANNITY: You talked about a real, clear and present danger, you talked about this being an epic moment in history.

    NETANYAHU: Right.