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February 17, 2014

NAACP stays silent on attacks against black conservatives

Guests: Richard Fowler, David Webb

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: After Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said the country focuses too much on race, liberal Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes took to the statehouse floor and attacked Thomas for those remarks, criticizing him for his interracial marriage and calling him an Uncle Tom. Pretty unbelievable.

So today, we reached out to the NAACP interim president Lorraine Miller, as well as Roslyn Brock, the organization's chair, for their reaction to Holmes's remarks. And guess what? Once again, we received nothing. Now, in addition, we also called the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They, too, have refused to comment.

Now, we've also reached out to these people more than a dozen times to respond to the North Carolina NAACP president William Barber's attack on Senator Tim Scott, calling him a ventriloquist's dummy, and there we received complete radio silence.

Here with reaction, Democratic strategist Richard Fowler, Fox News contributor, our friend David Webb is back.

Richard, if the NAACP's mission is the advancement of colored people, and you have these bigoted attacks, repeated attacks against black conservatives, don't they have an obligation to speak out and condemn these things and stand up for these black conservatives?

RICHARD FOWLER, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, listen, I think there's a big difference in what we saw from Reverend Barber and what we saw from this representative in Alabama. I think the representative in Alabama is out of line here, Sean. I'll give you that. But...

HANNITY: He's out of line. But I didn't ask you that question, and you -- every time I ask you a question, you never answer it. I asked, does the NAACP...


FOWLER: I'm answering the question, Sean!

HANNITY: ... the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Here you have prominent black conservatives that never seem to get the defense of the NAACP. Is that wrong?

FOWLER: Listen, Sean, I've said this once, I've said this twice, I've said this three times, and I'm pretty clear on it. I think the NAACP stands up for issues that affect black folks all across the country and...

HANNITY: Is it wrong? Should they stand up in these two specific cases?

FOWLER: Well, I think the cases are completely different.

HANNITY: All right, well -- go ahead.

DAVID WEBB, FOX CONTRIBUTOR: Can we just stop parsing the BS which is what's going on here. I've had it with this!

FOWLER: There's no parsing happening at all, David.

HANNITY: Let me -- let me finish, Richard. I've had it with this -- you know, whether we worry about the explanation or the apology. They're bigoted attacks by bigots who are under the NAACP banner, both Representative Holmes and Reverend Barber.

FOWLER: How is Reverend (sic) Holmes under...

WEBB: Let me finish!

FOWLER: ... under the NAACP...


WEBB: ... long history with NAACP. Holmes has been a part of the NAACP. He's been in office since 1974. These guys go out with their bigoted attacks. And the root of this problem is that they feel that they can make these attacks, so screw the explanations, keep the apologies. What I'm sick of and what any American -- you won't answer Sean's question. I will. The NAACP, by the way, which has lost all credibility in recent years, does not defend colored people, which is under their name. It defends those who agree with them, and I'm sick of it!

You can keep your apologies. Sean, I don't care. The bottom line is the root of this problem is that these guys, Reverend Barber, Representative Holmes feel that they're entitled to make bigoted comments, and then Roslyn Brock or Lorraine Miller, or former president...

HANNITY: Silence!

WEBB: ... Benjamin Jealous...

HANNITY: Silence!

WEBB: ... total silence, or Hilary Shelton...

HANNITY: Radio Silence!

WEBB: ... where are they? Because they -- this fits their agenda.

HANNITY: Don't -- all right, is it bigoted, Richard -- simple question -- what they -- what this representative in Alabama said about Clarence Thomas? Is that bigoted?

FOWLER: Yes, I think it is bigoted.

HANNITY: OK, is it bigoted...

FOWLER: I just said that.

HANNITY: ... to say Tim Scott's a ventriloquist's dummy?

FOWLER: I think those are different statements, and they're made for different reasons.

HANNITY: Is that bigoted to call...

FOWLER: A personal attack...

HANNITY: ... him a ventriloquist's dummy because he's a conservative, quote, with the Tea Party?

FOWLER: A personal attack against somebody's wife, who is completely -- is completely out of the picture here is different than an attack on somebody's voting record. There's...


WEBB: It was not an attack on his voting record.

FOWLER: Yes, it is!

WEBB: Watch what he said...

FOWLER: Yes, it was!

WEBB: ... and listen what he said. He used a pejorative. He went after Tim Scott. It was an insult. And for the left...

FOWLER: He said because he carries the right-wing agenda.

WEBB: You like to talk about body language as a part of communication, which it is. Look at the body language in what comes out of these guys. It's unacceptable. And it's time that Americans turn on this. If -- and let's stick with Representative Holmes for a moment. If he has a problem with Clarence Thomas and a white wife, does he have a problem with Nick Cannon (ph) and Mariah Carey? Does he have a problem with other blacks who marry white women or black women who marry white men? What is his problem? The problem is, if you're a conservative...


HANNITY: ... none of his business.

WEBB: Right, but the -- what is the root of his problem? It's you don't fit their ideology.

HANNITY: It's conservatism. All right...

WEBB: They want blacks...

HANNITY: ... here's, then, the question. So the NAACP -- they're -- it's only liberal, progressive Democratic black Americans, not -- not...

WEBB: Not all black Americans.

HANNITY: Not conservatives.

WEBB: And the history is there. No matter what questions (INAUDIBLE)-- you know what we need to do, Sean? Offense, all right? You and I combine, just you and I alone, two of the biggest radio platforms, terrestrial and satellite, Fox News in this country, and others -- and we need to turn on them and go after them. Start with there's no explanation necessary. Why don't you stop saying it to begin with?

HANNITY: I want the NAACP...

FOWLER: But wait a second!

HANNITY: I want them to stand up and speak out and stand for -- wait a minute!

WEBB: Stand up to these bigots!

HANNITY: These are prominent black Americans that are being called bigoted names! You are even too timid to speak out and say...

FOWLER: Wait! Whoa! What are you...

HANNITY: ... the attack against Tim Scott...

FOWLER: Wait a second!

HANNITY: ... is morally reprehensible!

FOWLER: Wait a second. Let's talk about this comment that was made by the representative of Alabama. That comment was wrong. That comment wasn't decent. And the fact that both you...

HANNITY: Where's the NAACP? Why won't they answer us?

FOWLER: Wait a minute. Wait a minute now, Sean. The fact that both you and David agree with that, then you guys should also agree that two men should have the ability to get married and they should have the ability...

WEBB: We're not talking about gay marriage here. Stop distracting...


FOWLER: It's the same exact thing. There's no...

WEBB: No, it's not!

FOWLER: ... deflecting here at all.

WEBB: We're talking about an issue right here...

FOWLER: If Clarence Thomas had sat there...

WEBB: ... where you are a cowards...


WEBB: You're actually being a coward here, Richard.

FOWLER: No! You're being the coward...


FOWLER: Why won't you stand up and defend the freedom of...

WEBB: Then call out the NAACP!

FOWLER: ... LGBT families?

WEBB: Say right now that the NAACP should stand up against a bigoted attack...


FOWLER: NAACP stands up for a woman's right to choose. The NAACP stands up for black folks all across...

WEBB: Richard...


HANNITY: Wait a minute! Answer his question!

WEBB: Simple question, Richard. Should the NAACP issue a statement against Representative Alvin Holmes for a bigoted attack on Clarence Thomas? Yes or no!

FOWLER: That's where the NAACP...

WEBB: Yes or no!

FOWLER: That -- I think those attacks are bigoted.

WEBB: Yes or no!

FOWLER: You got the answer from me.

WEBB: Make a decision!

FOWLER: I'm not the NAACP.

WEBB: Make a decision for yourself!

FOWLER: I think that...

WEBB: I'm asking you!

FOWLER: I made my decision for myself, David.

WEBB: I'm asking you, yes or no, should they issue a statement?

FOWLER: I've made the decision. I'm telling you that I think those -- he shouldn't have said those words.

HANNITY: What about Scott?


WEBB: My question to you was...

FOWLER: There's a distinction between the two.

WEBB: ... should the NAACP issue a statement condemning this?

FOWLER: I don't work for the NAACP. I'm not in the NAACP's office.

WEBB: See? He can't even go against the dynamic. And I like Richard.

FOWLER: What are you talking about?

WEBB: He seems to be a nice guy. But this is what goes on in the left quarters of the black community. They feel, just like Deneen Borelli and her book "Blacklash" talks about -- they feel that they're somehow entitled to some higher purpose.

I got news for you. We're all red. We all bleed red. We're all human. There's only one race, human. And frankly, if a man and woman lie down, procreation is proof (ph). That's where it stands with me. That's where it stands with most Americans.

FOWLER: Wait a second! Wait one...


FOWLER: No, no, no, no, no. I'm not going to let you get away with that.

WEBB: I'm offended by Richard's refusal to say the right thing here.

FOWLER: I'm not going to let you get away with that.

HANNITY: All right, we got to go.

FOWLER: The fact is...

HANNITY: Guys, we're out of time.

FOWLER: ... the NAACP stands up for voting rights...

HANNITY: Thanks, David.

FOWLER: ... it stands up for women's rights...

HANNITY: All right...

FOWLER: ... and it stands up for the right to choose, and you know it.

WEBB: Then stand up for Clarence Thomas's rights, for my rights...

FOWLER: Tell him to stand up for LGBT rights --


WEBB: ... for Allen West's rights, for Deneen Borelli's rights...


FOWLER: ... all across this country. You wouldn't stand up for them.

HANNITY: Guys, we got to take a break. Thank you both. Appreciate it.

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