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      Coutdown to South Carolina

      A new poll is showing former House Speaker Newt Gingrich only two points behind current frontrunner Mitt Romney. Could Gingrich win the Palmetto State? He sits down with Sean tonight on 'Hannity' to discuss that and much more

      Plus--Romney supporter and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley previews her state's January 21st primary. Can her candidate come out on top there? She tells us!

      The Obama Playbook

      Some GOP candidates have taken a page out of the Obama campaign's playbook by attacking fellow Republican Mitt Romney. Is this a preview of what he will face in the general election? Fox News political analyst Juan Williams and Fox News contributor Liz Cheney weigh in

      Great American Panel

      Tonight's panel: Fox News contributor and radio host Mike Gallagher, AMA Productions CEO Amilya Antonetti and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen

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      Tonight on 'Hannity'