• With: Col. Oliver North

    HANNITY: Since the red line.

    NORTH: Since the red line comment. And the game changer and all that stuff. That was a year ago. And they've since, this is now the third time that we know of that they have used chemical weapons against their own people.

    This president has not got a strategy. If there is no follow up, there's not going to be any outcome except greater jeopardy for the American people. That's not what happened, when we bombed Qaddafi, he killed Americans and it shut him down for over a year. Now, this guy has got allies like Russia, he's got allies like Iran. They are capable of doing things to us that could be very injurious, not just Israel.

    HANNITY: But both Iran and Syria have both said, if we fire those cruise missiles, their retaliation will not be immediately against us, it will be against Israel. Israel has now called up their reserves. Don't we owe it to them to take a deep breath?

    NORTH: I wrote yesterday that there are four things that this administration must do. Number one, immediately increase the security at every U.S. embassy in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan in Africa. 9/11 is an anniversary -- they forget about it last year with Benghazi, they'll never forget about it again. And it's just around the corner.

    Number two, they have got to inform Israel well in advance. Israel has not only called up their reserves. They have also issued gas masks to all their people.

    They have gone to post offices all over Israel to pick them up.

    Number three, there ought to be an immediate finding delivered to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that says, I am directing the CIA, risk averse as it is, (INAUDIBLE), to hire contractors who will go into the camps in Jordan, not in Turkey where they are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and recruit, train and field a covert action force of freedom fighters. Real freedom fighters.

    Not the ones that are being sent by Erdogan who is a Muslim Brotherhood protege and not the ones that are being sent to Iraq using roads and air bases built with American blood and treasure. The end result of what this administration is done ever since the withdraw from Iraq is a disaster for people of that part of the world and for us.

    HANNITY: All right. So, the more secular pro-American opposition forces in this 30-month period have pretty much evaporated.

    Here's the problem I have -- tell me where I'm wrong -- that I don't see any good possible outcome here. Because either Assad stays in power and he will continue doing what he's doing with no fear of repercussions. Or isn't the more likely successor to him radical Islamists with Al Qaeda ties? Aren't they the strongest opposition forces right now?

    NORTH: As it is right now, yes. Because what we did is, we jobbed it out Erdogan. The Turkish government -- NATO ally -- is now being run by the Muslim Brotherhood. What Erdogan has done is he is allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the so-called free Syrian army. There are still opponents who are secularist who on our side. They are armed, trained and fielded. We can help them. It's not going to be over in a minute. The worst possible outcome is, you end up with another radical Islamic regime out there and that's the most likely outcome today given what this administration has done.

    HANNITY: In other words, this will do more harm than good. Is there any possible good outcome here? If the president lobs these missiles, limited, two days probably, they have all telegraphed it, is there any good possible outcome from that?

    NORTH: No. It's not a strategy. Look at it, you have to ask yourself, if they have justified this based on the fact that the Syrians have and abused chemical weapons, what happens next time when we've learned that the Iranians have a nuclear weapon? Are they going to fire more cruise missiles at Tehran?

    This is a cycle that has been started by this administration for one purpose only, to give validity to what Barack Obama said before. Cruise missiles are good for one thing, Sean. They're good for setting the pace for shock and awe for a real campaign that's going to continue. Number two, making a weak president feel powerful. That's what Bill Clinton did. That's what Barack Obama is doing.

    HANNITY: It's pretty frightening. All right. Colonel, by the way. Good book. And "Heroes Proved."

    NORTH: "Heroes Proved."

    HANNITY: Out in paperback.

    NORTH: He won't read Barbara Tuchman. He ought to read this.

    HANNITY: All right. You're one of those heroes. Safe home.

    NORTH: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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