• With: Newt Gigrich, former speaker of the House

    HANNITY: This interview is going great so far but...


    GINGRICH: So, in the same tradition of being honest and open, I didn't think this fast that we would get to where it might be Newt and not Newt. But the fact is the ideas are penetrating in the country, the crowds are responding, people love the idea of seven three-hour debate in the Lincoln-Douglas tradition with the time keeper and no moderator. People like the degree to which the -- if you go to Newt.org, there's a really substantive 21st century contract with America.

    And so, I'm beginning to think, I'm not sure yet, but I think we may actually see a totally different dynamic than anybody could have predicted even a month ago, including me. Because a month ago, I didn't think we would get here for another 60 days. But it's clear the country is talking to itself. And it's clear that across the country people are saying, you know, I think we need Newt Gingrich because we need somebody who can debate Obama, we need somebody who has actually done it before, we need somebody with very substantial big ideas.

    And so, I think whereas I would have thought originally, it was going to be Mitt and not Mitt, I think it may turn out to be Newt and not Newt. And that's a very different formula than frankly -- so, I'm having to redesign our campaign strategy because we are at least 60 days ahead of where I thought we would be.

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