• With: Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas

    The second thing we need to do is remove, if you will, pull back all of those regulations that they put forward and with us the EPA or wherever those regulations are coming and killing jobs. Those regulations are probably the biggest job killer out there. And then work with the Congress to restructure these taxes both on the personal and on the corporate level, that's how you get America working.

    During the period of time that I've been governor of Texas, we've created over a million net new jobs. Since June of 2009, 40 percent of all the jobs created in America were created in Texas. We have a blueprint for getting America working. We've done it in Texas for the last decade. We've led the nation in the creation of jobs.

    People understand that if you will empower the private sector, if you will empower those small business men and women across the country out there, and remove the double whammy of over taxation and over regulation, that they will go risk their capital and they will create jobs that will in turn create wealth. That's how we get this country back on track. That's how we pay off this monstrous debt that's hanging over the country. And it is how we have a foreign policy that people respect because we got the power of an economy to drive a military and in turn, gain the respect of those allies and those that are our competitors.

    HANNITY: Do you think President Obama just doesn't get that?

    PERRY: I got to think that he must not. Because we tried this Keynesian theory a couple of times now under this administration and it has failed miserably both times. And it won't ever work. You cannot spend your way to prosperity. It has never worked and it never will. So, my instinct is, he just doesn't get it.

    HANNITY: There's been a battle between you and stimulus funds. And if I understand correctly, you actually rejected some of them. And I think fully, you didn't even want to accept any of them, but you thought it was in the best interest of the people of Texas if other states were getting it, you would accept it. Am I positioning that right? Is that what you --

    PERRY: Well, we sent a lot of money to Washington. So, the fact is, to not take dollars that we send to Washington, D.C., would not have been in the best interests of the people of the state of Texas.

    HANNITY: Right.

    PERRY: I mean, the purity of the notion that you are just not going to take any money. If they all make the trade, we don't have to send any up there, then we've got a deal.

    HANNITY: All right. But some people said, while you used the term once succession, is that something you believe?

    PERRY: No, I never used that term at all. As a matter of fact --

    HANNITY: Why was it reported?

    PERRY: I have no idea to be real honest with you, because it was never a factual bit of reporting. It was shouted out by an individual at an event at a Tea Party actually. And I said listen, America is a great country. We have no reason that we would ever dissolve this union. But I said I get it about why people are frustrated, because they are seeing Washington spend this massive amount of money, we've got a huge debt being created. And people are really frustrated with what they see in Washington, D.C. I understand that, didn't agree with it, but I understood it.

    HANNITY: There are two issues that have come up in terms of people writing me, calling me in anticipation of you being on the show -- conservatives that like you, that have two issues. One you dealt within the last debate. And you thought it was a mistake, that was the mandatory HPV vaccination. And the other one is your position on immigration and in-state tuition and some of these other issues.

    As you look in retrospect, if somebody does not enter this country legally, do they deserve the benefits of citizenship in that way?

    PERRY: No, as a matter of fact, that should not be -- the DREAM Act for instance, the federal DREAM Act, straight out amnesty, not for it, not going to be for it. But those young people who came in to the United States by no fault of their own in Texas -- and remember, this is a Texas issue and it's education issue not an immigration issue. And Texans by an overwhelming majority, 181 members of the legislature, Sean, and all but four voted for that bill to allow those young people who had been in the country for at least three years in our schools, doing the work, on their way towards getting a high school diploma. They were pursuing citizenship. And we wanted those individuals to be contributing members of our society, not a drag on society. And that I think is the American way.

    Now, all of these issues about immigration that are coming up, that are being debated and what have you, we would never have that conversation if we would secure the border. It has been the failure of the federal government to put the boots on the ground, to put the strategic fencing in place, to put aviation assets along that border so we can immediately respond to the border when we see activities along that border. We know how to secure the border.

    HANNITY: All right. Last question --

    PERRY: We spent some $400 million in Texas doing it.

    HANNITY: Last question. Give me three names off the top of your head that come to mind when you think of a potential vice president, if you were to win.


    PERRY: I'm not going to touch that one with a 10 foot pole.

    HANNITY: You can't blame me for trying.

    PERRY: Making sure that Americans know that we are going to get this country back working again. And that has plenty of time to be discussed in the future, my friend.

    HANNITY: All right. Governor, we'll see you tomorrow night. We'll be in Orlando and we do appreciate you being on the program, hope you come back soon.

    PERRY: All right. God speed.

    HANNITY: All right. God speed.

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