Secretary Lew on the Push for Growth

"I don't know a lot of people on either side of the aisle who don't believe in infrastructure and I don't know a lot of people on either side of the aisle who don't believe in educating the next generation," Treasury secretary Jack Lew said in defense of the president's call for spending to bolster growth in the middle class.

Push back to the president's plan comes from Republicans who want to cut more spending.

Lew said "we've actually accomplished roughly the amount of deficit reduction we all set out to accomplish a few years ago," and what people want is, "us to build a better future for the American middle class."

The secretary also addressed the House Republicans' push to cement the sequester cuts into the budget, over $100 billion in the next year, and enact billions more in cuts in the upcoming negotiations.

"Congress has to write bills that meet the challenge that the president set forth, to start investing in our future.  And Congress cannot steal from domestic priorities to fix problems that across the board cuts have caused in defense," Lew said.

Another fiscal battle, set to occur near simultaneously, is what it will take for the parties to agree in an increase in the debt limit.

“The president has made clear, we cannot negotiate about whether or not the government of the United States would default.

"It was a mistake in 2011 to have that debate.  It hurt the economy," Lew said.

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Detroit Gets a Manager

Detroit became the largest municipality to file bankruptcy this week, with nearly $19 billion in debt and whole host of problems ranging from staggering unemployment to failing, even absent, basic services.

Kevyn Orr was appointed the city's emergency manager in March, and it was with his recommendation to the governor that the filing was made.

Orr now has the responsibility to walk the city through the painful steps of restructuring its finances.

"We were compelled to file bankruptcy," Orr said defending his decision against court challenges led by city unions who stand to lose a lot.

And though he has promised a six month grace period for those taking in a pension, he warned there are "going to have to be concessions."

"We are going to have a dialogue about what we can do," Orr said.

The Obama administration has been clear that while they will support Detroit as best they can, the city should not expect a bailout.

Orr was clear eyed about prosepects for federal or even state help.

"We’ve operated on the assumption  that we will have to cure this problem on our own," Orr said, adding"Hope is not a strategy from my perspective, I have to deal with realities on the ground now...I think Detroit has a responsibility to help itself."

Asked whether Detroit's situation provides a cautionary tale for others: "Delay doesn’t produce positive outcomes, have the political will and wherewithall to deal with them now," Orr said.

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House on Immigration, Reps Disagree

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) said it would be a mistake to think the 2012 election was about immigration.

He added the House should not even bring border enforcement up for a vote.

"There’s nothing we can do to make the president enforce a law he doesn’t like," King said by way of explanation.

King and skeptical fellow Republicans point to the administration's decision to delay enforcement of the business mandate in the Affordable Care Act as an example of the president selectively enforcing laws.

Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY), chairman of the DCCC, said that positive statistics on border and immigration enforcement under President Obama speak for themselves.

And he added that the public supports immigration reform.

Israel, speaking in his capacity as chair of the House Democrats' campaign committee, said “we will hold them (Republicans) accountable for denying President Bush, Obama, 68 senators..” on immigration reform.

Governor Perry Sidesteps Questions On His Political Future

Texas Governor Rick Perry was on Fox News Sunday to talk about the controversial abortion bill that is stuck in the Texas Senate and his future plans as a politician.


He expects the legislators can get the bill passed in ten days; way before the end of the second 30-day special session.  Governor Perry said support is overwhelming in the senate.


There is speculation about the Governor’s future and if he plans to run for a historic 4th term as Governor of Texas. However, when asked about his political future, Governor Perry sidestepped the questions, saying everyone will have to wait until Monday for his announcement in San Antonio.  

Senators Weigh-In on Egypt Situation

Fox News Sunday guest anchor John Roberts spoke with Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jack Reed (D-RI) about the situation in Egypt.


Corker stressed that the role of the U.S. should be to calm all sides as they move through “treacherous environment.”


Reed said that the U.S. must insist the Egyptian military have a clear timeline of when they will have another democratically elected official in power.


He said that ultimately it will be the Egyptian’s task to come through this upheaval.


The senators also discussed if the president’s health care plan is in jeopardy following the delay of the the employer mandate?


Senator Reed said that he never thought Obamacare was ever in jeopardy, and that the Administration was wise to postpone.


However, Senator Corker said that, “There are many pieces of this or all that I want to see undone.” He believes that Obamacare exerts a great downward pressure on employment and may adversely affect jobs.


Senator Reed sits on the Armed Services Committee.  Senator Corker is the ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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