This week on Fox News Sunday: (7/15/12)

*** Please note, Brit Hume fills in for Chris Wallace.

Battleground 2012, we welcome two Republican governors from the swing states that could decide the general election to find out what it will take for Mitt Romney to flip Florida and Iowa from blue to red.

Segment 1: Gov. Rick Scott, (R) Florida

Gov. Terry Branstad, (R) Iowa

Then, what will the deciding issues be in the 2012 presidential race? We’ll break down where the contest stands and debate which candidate has the electoral edge with two veteran campaign operatives.

Segment 2: Karl Rove, Former Bush White House Senior Adviser & Fox News

Joe Trippi, Former Howard Dean Campaign Manager & Fox News

Plus Our Sunday Panel:

Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard & Fox News

Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard & Fox News

Juan Williams, Fox News Political Analyst