Thune Won't Rule Out VP Speculation

Republican Senator John Thune joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss a recent 2 billion dollar loss by JP Morgan, the president’s decision to support same-sex marriage, and speculation that he could end up becoming Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Senator Thune, who was an early supporter of Romney’s, has long been mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick, both in 2008 and now in 2012. When pressed on whether he’d take the job, should he be asked, Thune answered, “I don't think you ever rule out opportunities or options when you're involved in public life and you say you want to make a difference and you're serious about that, obviously, then you don't foreclose options.”

However, Thune has said before, and reiterated today, that he’s committed to his job in the Senate. He added that defeating President Obama is the priority and that, “We are headed toward Europe, and that's why we need a new president. And I hope that we can get a majority in the Senate to work with him and really focus on solving these problems."

JPMorgan Chase reported a 2 billion dollar loss this week that sent shock waves through the world of finance. Many Democrats cite a lack of regulation as the cause for the risky play by a major Wall Street bank. Senator Thune, who sits on the Finance Committee, cautioned against additional regulation.

On the president’s recent endorsement of gay marriage, Thune says Romney’s position is like many of those in America. And that the presumed Republican nominee has been consistent unlike the president.