This week on Fox News Sunday: (5/15/11)

2012 / One on One; our new series featuring potential presidential contenders begins with the godfather of the Tea Party movement.With a major announcement set for this Friday, Chris Wallace sits down for an Exclusive interview with Congressman Ron Paul.

Segment 1: Rep. Ron Paul, (R) Texas

Then, the debate in Congress over raising the debt limit continues, with neither side willing to give an inch. Well have a fair and balanced debate on that topic, plus the president's latest push on immigration reform, with the Senates second in command from each party.

Segment 2:Sen. Dick Durbin, (D) Illinois / Majority Whip Sen. Jon Kyl, (R) Arizona / Minority Whip

Plus, our Sunday Panel:

Brit Hume Fox News Senior Political Analyst

Nina Easton Fortune Magazine & Fox News

Kim Strassel Wall Street Journal

Mort Zuckerman US News & World Report / Publisher, NY Daily News