DeMint on Tax Cuts & RNC Leadership Battle

Tea Party favorite, Senator Jim DeMint, joined Fox News Sunday to discuss the circumstances surrounding the soon to expire Bush era tax cuts, the impending debate over earmark reform, and the potential battle to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee. The Bush era tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year, however most believe that some sort of compromise will be reached between the White House and the lame duck session of Congress. DeMint commented on a possible compromise, which would allow for a temporary extension of all the tax cuts for the middle class and those making more than $250 thousand a year. I hope we can get a permanent extension, but if the president wants to compromise on a two- or three-year extension I hope he doesn't come back with the idea that, Oh, we're going to raise taxes on 750,000 small businesses, as he's been talking about. I think if he can work on our side of the ledger, I think we might -- can work together. A debate has broken out between Senate Republicans over whether to support a resolution calling for all GOP members to agree not to seek any earmarks in the next Congress. Senator DeMint has led the charge against Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. As each Republican senator chooses up sides, DeMint made this prediction, I think we'll win the vote because I think most of the Republicans in the Senate have gotten the very clear message from the American people that we need to stop wasteful spending. Finally, current RNC Chairman Michael Steele may have to face a tough challenge if he is going to retain his leadership position through the 2012 Presidential Election. Senator DeMint, a champion of the Tea Party movement, questioned whether Steele would be the best man to lead the party. I think where we lost a few Senate seats, our ground game was not as strong as it could have been. We were actually outmanned on the ground. And going into 2012, we need a really strong leader for the Republican Party to match the get out the vote that we saw from the Obama machine last time. And so I appreciate Michael Steele's service, but I'm looking for some alternatives right now.