Olson: "Reasonably" Confident in Success

Ted Olson, the plaintiff's attorneyin the case against Proposition 8, which struck down California's ban on gay marriage, said that while he is not "taking anything for granted," he is "reasonably" confident that the Supreme Court will agree that any banon gay marriage is unconstitutional. Olson, known for his aversion to judicial activism, disagrees with claims that what Judge Vaughn Walker did in ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional was just that, an activist judge overruling the will of 7 million Californians. "We do not put the Bill of Rights to a vote," Olson said, "This is what judges are expected to do. It is not judicial activism. It is judicial responsibility in its classic sense." Olson went on to say that California did immeasurable harm, when it enshrined in its constitution a separate status for certain of its citizens. Olson, a conservative legal giant, also argued that there is no contradiction in his taking the case. "Stable relationships and a stable community" are "conservative values," Olson said. "It should be a liberal and a conservative value. It is a fundamental American value. All men and all women are created equal under the law," he added.