Cong. Joe Wilson: the Interview

Our big newsmaker today was Congressman Joe Wilson--the man who shouted "You lie!" at the President during his speech to Congress this week. And he didn't disappoint. The way we got the interview was interesting. As soon as he said it--I knew he would be a big story. The problem was that his office was so deluged with phone calls, that we couldn't invite him to come on the show. So I sent producer Alex Finland to Capitol Hill to go to his office and talk with an aide. Finally, I was able to get on the phone personally with Congressman Wilson and invite him on the show. I've got to say--for a "bomb-thrower," you never met a more humble, nicer man. As we prepared the show Saturday, the story got even better. House Democrats reversed course, and announced that despite the fact Wilson had already apologized--and the President had accepted it--they were now demanding the Congressman apologize again on the House floor to his colleagues. We called Wilson's staff and said--it would be pretty great if the Congressman announced on our show whether he was going to apologize--or not. But they refused to say whether he would. So when he came in Sunday--I had no idea whether he would say yes, no, or maybe. Obviously, part of the point of a Sunday show is to make news. And thankfully, Joe Wilson made alot of news on FOX News Sunday. Finally, I have gotten some emails since the interview complaining that I was too tough on Wilson. I respectfully disagree. I come at all my interviews believing that you don't do your guest any favor throwing softballs. I think an interviewer should put those questions on the table--respectfully--and let the guest answer them. I can tell you that the Congressman appreciated that approach--and felt afterwards that he had gotten a fair shake. Anyway, that's a little behind-the-scenes look at the Wilson interview. Let us know what you think. Chris