Help us book the show.

I am going to put you in the role of the booker of a Sunday talk show and see what you come up with. And since this is your first time, we will give you an easy challenge. As soon as the show finishes on Sunday morning, we start discussing who we are going to book for the next week. This is one of the most challenging parts of the show--to figure out--days in advance--what people will be interested in--and who they will want to see the next Sunday morning. I say this is a relatively easy week because we booked our lead segment a few days ago. We knew that the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court hearing would start on Monday, July 13th. So it was a no-brainer that we would want 2 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to preview the hearings. All our competition had the same idea--so there was a scramble to book our 2 Senators. We ended up with Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Republican John Cornyn. And I am delighted. Feinstein is a veteran of Senate Judiciary--and she is a reliably feisty and newsmaking guest. Cornynis a former Texas Supreme court Justice--the head of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee--and a straight-talker who also makes news. I look forsparks to fly from these 2. The question is--what to do with the second segment. We are pursuing top White House guests--especially with growing questions about the economy and the President's stimulus package. We are also looking at another segment of our "Right Now" series--where we sit down with rising stars in the conservative movement. And there is always whatever happens in the newsthe next few days. So--play along. Give us your ideas for a good guest--or a good segment. And if we like it--we will be all too happy to steal it. I look forward to seeing your suggestions. Chris Wallace