Web Exclusive: Stevens on Selection Process

Tonight, the Kennedy Center Honors, produced by our Power Player of the Week George Stevens Jr., celebrates the 2009 honorees: Mel Brooks, Robert DeNiro, Bruce Springsteen, opera star Grace Bumbry, and jazz great Dave Brubeck. Seated with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, the Honorees will accept the thanks of their peers and fans through performances and heartfelt tributes. The Honors recipients recognized for their lifetime contributions to American culture through the performing artswhether in dance, music, theater, opera, motion pictures, or televisionare selected by the Center's Board of Trustees. The primary criterion in the selection process is excellence. Stevens tells us more about how the honorees are chosen and even how artists lobby for each other: {VignetteVideo assettitl="Web+Exclusive+George+Stevens+12-6-09" id="3FBE2911662B005B8BFF60DD7C1DB2D5" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }

Web Exclusive: Dr. Healy's Practical Advice

Dr. Bernadine Healy, the former head of the National Institutes of Health, is advising women to ignore new guidelines that delay the start of routine mammogram testing for breast cancer. She says she will "very powerfully ignore" the U.S. Preventive Task Force recommendations this week because it will "increase the number of women dying of breast cancer." According to Dr. Healy, women in their 40s can have a very aggressive kind of breast cancer and they tend to progress fast. She says not screening women in that age group goes against the advice of doctors who are actually caring for patients. "You may save some money," she admitted, "But you're not going to save lives." Dr. Healy also warns of "hidden government rationing" in the Democratic health care reform plan. "Pretending it's coming from experts and that it's going to be for your health and well being. These guidelines are not. We're going to see more people die of breast cancer. And breast cancer is 25 percent of the cancers that are out there," she said. For more practical advice from Dr. Healy, watch our web exclusive on when women should have breast and cervical cancer screenings. She also gives some surprising cancer statistics. For even more, read an exclusive preview of Dr. Healy's upcoming column on the topic this week. {VignetteVideo assettitl="FNS+Web+Exclusive+Dr.+Bernadine+Healy+11-22-09" id="341A381C46FA272C843B657CDB12E6D1" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }

Web Exclusive: Chocola Lightning Round

Watch more of our Power Player interview with Chris Chocola, President of the Club for Growth, for a lightning round on health care reform, cap and trade, the economy and President Obama. {VignetteVideo assettitl="PP+Plus+11-22-09" id="ECBFBB1E449869E8388126401E19EBDD" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }

Web Exclusive: Dr. Fauci Practical Advice

For practical advice and helpful hints about the H1N1 virus, including, who should get the vaccine? How do you know if you have swine flu? What you should do if you get sick? Watch more of our interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. {VignetteVideo assettitl="Power+Player+Fauci+11-15-09" id="8FE27432CC10818A405A97C5A6704DAC" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }

Web Exclusive: Rush Election Predictions

We asked Rush Limbaugh to preview the Governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday and assess what it will mean for President Obama. He predicts incumbent Governor Jon Corzine will likely win in New Jersey, and that Republican candidate Bob McDonnell will take Virginia. He also has this warning for Blue Dog Democrats in Congress: "Pay attention to how the White House is going to treat you. If you're worthless to them, you're gone. Once they vote the way you want them to vote, you can be discarded." {VignetteVideo id="CDF52A4EEE0CD9D3F4E6AF961ABC5BEF" assettitl="Rush+on+Politics" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }

Web Exclusive: Rush on Czars

In more of our interview with Rush Limbaugh, he argues czars have too much power because they are not confirmed by the Senate and not accountable to anybody except President Obama. He specifically opposes the pay czar. "That somebody's who's not appointed and confirmed and have some accountability to the elected representatives of the people has the slightest right to tell anybody anywhere what they can and can't earn in form of salary, bonus, compensation package. Yet, its happening," Limbaugh said. "They're going to eventually limit all of our pay," he argued. "Barney Frank said that's his objective. He wants to legislate compensation packages even beyond firms that have not received government money." {VignetteVideo id="DA9A1EF74445290B93027578F388479C" assettitl="Rush+on+Czars" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }


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