Lawmakers React to New NSA Surveillance Reports

After the Washington Post reported this week that the NSA tapped into phone calls and emails without appropriate authorization thousands of times since 2008, Sen Rand Paul (R-KY) called for Congressional hearings on the agency. 

According to Paul, “the constitutionality of these programs needs to be questioned and there needs to be a Supreme Court decision that looks at whether or not what they’re doing is constitutional.”

Paul intimated that specific targeting is legitimate, but is concerned about the lack of oversight, saying that “without this [Edward] Snowden leak, we wouldn’t even know of this internal audit.” 

The senator, who sits on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, would like “people who are a little more skeptical of the NSA” to take part in the discussion moving forward.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) joined Senator Paul in expressing concern, saying “the trust and credibility of the NSA program is in question.”

Congressman Pete King (R-NY), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, refuted Senator Paul however, saying that his comments were “just a grab-bag of misinformation and distortion.”

King defended the NSA, saying “whatever mistakes were made were inadvertent, and if you have a 99.99% batting average, that’s better than most media people do, most politicians do.”