Senator Marco Rubio: Upcoming Immigration Legislation Is Not Amnesty

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a key player in the immigration reform debate and a member of the “gang of 8,” joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss some of the key parts of a bill the gang hopes to present this week.

Conservatives, and Rubio himself, have held a hard line against supporting any legislation that looks like amnesty in the past.

Rubio said for him that hasn’t changed.

This is not amnesty, Rubio said.

The senator argued that it will actually be more difficult for an illegal immigrant to gain legalization through this proposed system than the existing process.

They don’t “get anything,” Rubio said, “they have an opportunity to apply,” which entails paying fines and taxes, and they receive no federal benefits in exchange.

Even before the 11 million estimated undocumented immigrants have an opportunity to apply for a green card, this plan sets forward a number of objectives which must be achieved-among them a secure border.

Under the “gang of 8” proposal, DHS must present a plan that would achieve 100% surveillance of the border and a 90% apprehension rate of illegal crossers.

Rubio said the plan gives DHS 5 years to implement and succeed in their plan. If they fail, a border commission will be established to come up with a more effective strategy.