Senators Bob Corker and Dick Durbin Discuss Possibility of a Grand Bargain

Two leading voices in the Senate sounded optimistic that a grand bargain dealing with entitlement reform and debt reduction could be met in the coming months. 

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said that all Republicans want to see a solution to entitlements but suggested new revenues could be part of that package through tax reform

“There is a chance on a deal,” Corker said.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) emphasized that Democrats recognize the need to shore up entitlements, and they too are anxious to act.

“Ten to twelve years, Medicare goes broke, that’s unacceptable,” Durbin said, adding that reform of these programs is imperative.

However, Durbin made clear he did not endorse the House Republican plan.

Durbin characterized the Ryan plan as “destructive” to Medicare.

In the end, the two agreed that a deal between the two parties was within reach.

Senator Corker says there is enough commonality to build towards a grand bargain.

Durbin agreed.

“There are elements we all agree on.”