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Sunday May 15, 2016

Ahead of one of America’s busiest travel weekends, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson joins Fox News Sunday to talk about how his agency plans to keep the U.S. safe. It’s a Fox News Sunday exclusive.

Sunday: in the wake of the deadly Egypt Air crash, Egyptian officials now say they believe terror is likely to blame. As the crash highlights the security challenges we’re facing at home, we’ll speak to the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep Michael McCaul (R-TX), about keeping America safe even as frustrated travels already face long lines at the country’s airports.

We’ll talk to the Chairman of Donald Trump’s National Security Advisory Committee, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Trump’s plans to fight terror, his suggestion he’d be willing to speak with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and his Supreme Court picks. It’s a Fox News Sunday exclusive.

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Secretary Jeh Johnson on EgyptAir crash, TSA concerns

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In 2000, Tom Day made it his mission to have TAPS played by a bugle player at every military funeral across the country. He created Bugles Across America to achieve that goal. 16 years later the organization is going strong.

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