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Sunday May 01, 2016

After sweeping 5 major Republican primaries this week Donald Trump has declared himself the party's "presumptive nominee." This Sunday, we’ll talk to the GOP front-runner about his fight to get to 1,237 delegates before the July convention.

Sunday: Coming of a very disappointing primary night in the northeast-- Senator Cruz is betting it all in the state of Indiana. This week Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his running mate—and on Friday he received Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s endorsement. Will it be enough to turn around his campaign and beat Donald Trump? We’ll talk to him on Fox News Sunday.

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'Fox News Sunday' marks 20 years on air; Trump and Cruz talk 2016 race

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20 Years of FNS

20 years ago this week Fox News Sunday broadcast for the first time. Be sure to watch this Sunday as we reflect on the show's past and look ahead to the future.