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Calls for National Guard to help protect border

The push continues to find a solution to the crisis at the U.S. Southern border. Some lawmakers are calling for the National Guard to be brought in to secure the border.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom" on Friday, Rep. Adam Kinzinger said the move would be a "good start." He explained to Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer that their presence could help alleviate some of the extra duties that the border patrol agents are doing.

Looking ahead, however, the Illinois lawmaker cautioned: "I don't think it'll solve it in the long-term. I think this is the short-term stopgap to a real border solution."

Adding, "Ultimately, the president's got to step up and say we need a real border solution. He talks about immigration reform -- a lot of us think that's something that needs to happen, but not until the border is secure."

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