Walmart employee wows shoppers with national anthem performance, days after son left for basic training

She's no Fergie.

When Walmart staffers and shoppers of Trussville, Ala. recently celebrated the ribbon cutting of their location’s new pickup service, they probably didn’t expect employee Sabrina Barnes to bring down the house with a powerful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” — for a special reason.

As a 50-second clip of Barnes’ stunning performance has gone viral on Facebook with over 57,000 times and 650 shares, the department manager of checkouts and candy aisles revealed to the Trussville Tribune just why the song means so much to her.


“My son just joined the military. He is in basic training, I actually haven’t had any contact with him now for about two weeks. He has a baby on the way and will not be here to see his daughter born which also is his first child,” Barnes told the outlet.

"I started to cry when I sang it. The song has more meaning to me now,” she further divulged to “I didn't get to see [my son] off because I had the flu. All of this happened on my birthday, so it's been an emotional time.”


Though Barnes told she hasn’t sang since middle school, she agreed to lead the national anthem at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the request of an assistant manager who knew she had talent. For her part, Barnes feels proud that she did.

“My passion came from understanding the sacrifice my son and all service men and women are making to protect our country. I never truly understood the emotional part of not knowing when you will, and for some if you will ever, see your loved one again,” Barnes told the site.

“I had to give my son to the U.S. government and I did it proudly because I was proud of him for standing up saying 'I want to protect my family I want to protect my country I want to become a man of service,'” she added.


As Barnes’ patriotic performance continues to make waves and melt hearts across the internet, the Alabama woman says she’s found the confidence to give her musical chops a serious shot.  

"I'd love to try out for The Voice. I was supposed to do it before, but I lost my voice! I can't wait to try again!" she told the Trussville Tribune.

Super Bowl LIII, take notice.

Janine Puhak is an editor for Fox News Lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter at @JaninePuhak