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Ladies, Listen Up: Manolo Blahnik on How to Walk in Heels


 (Associated Press)

Manolo Blahnik is one of the most influential footwear designers in fashion. So when he gives advice on how to walk in heels, we're listening.

"What is great is just to let yourself go,” Blahnik told Refinery29 while showcasing his latest collection at the Covent Garden Hotel in Sydney. “Your body has to go with the balance of the heel. Don’t try to force it, because if you do, it doesn’t work.”

Also, don't try too hard, Blahnik adds.

“I remember years ago when Marilyn Monroe was walking in a film and you could see that she wasn’t trying anything at all,” he adds. “She walked beautifully in flat shoes as she did in heels. Like Brigitte Bardot! She was a like a cat when she walked.”

Moral of the story? Channel your inner blonde bombshell or feline…whichever will make you feel your best.