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Former Victoria’s Secret Model Dishes on Christian-Themed Clothing Line


 (Associated Press)

The former Victoria’s Secret model who left behind the fashion world for her religious beliefs is back — and this time she wants to enlighten others about her faith.

After releasing her highly publicized memoir, “I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model,” Kylie Bisutti launched a new clothing line called God Inspired Fashion. The collection, available online, features religious-themed apparel for men, women, and children with bible verses and proverbs. The 23-year-old hopes it will be the first affordable clothing line “spreading God’s word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith about God’s love."

To learn more about the venture and how Bisutti really feels about returning to fashion, we chatted with her about her goals for the line, how she deals with critics, and her big plans for 2014.

FNM: What prompted you to start God Inspired Fashion?

KB: My aunt contacted me about starting a Christian clothing line. Over the past few years it has been in my heart to one day have a fashionable Christian line, but when my aunt came to me with her idea for God Inspired Fashion I knew it was the perfect way to offer Christians a way to spread the word through fashion. 

FNM: In addition to the religious messages God Inspired Fashion includes on its apparel, how does the line stand out from anything else that’s currently on the market? 

KB: There are many companies offering T-shirts and hats with 'religious messages,' but our company offers a wider selection and 99 percent of our products feature Scripture. We are really focused on sharing God's word with the world. There is nothing more powerful than God's word and we believe it is the only thing that can truly change hearts!

FNM: In your book, you describe the negative experiences you had as a lingerie model. Why was it crucial for you to return to the fashion world, specifically as a co-owner of a clothing line? 

KB: My book speaks a lot on the harsh side of the modeling industry and the negative effects that the images we see in ads have on people. My current venture into fashion is completely different than my prior involvement. I want to simply get God's word back into the world and do it in a way that promotes a healthy body image to others without promoting the illusion that people see in most magazines and ad campaigns. I believe that my involvement and promotion of a healthy self image in fashion will create a positive impact in on the destructive side of the industry.

FNM: How hands-on are you when it comes to designing the pieces?

KB: Designing has been a family project!  We pray and ask God to lead us on what verses to use for our products. We wanted to choose verses that we believed would bring hope to others and would impact people.

FNM: Do any of the verses have a special meaning to you?

KB: One of my favorite verses on our products is Philippians 2:3 because it is about valuing others above yourself and that is one of the most selfless things we can do.

FNM: Who is your target audience? And how have sales been since the clothing line has launched?

KB: Our target audience is men, women, and children who want to spread the Word through everywhere they go. Sales have been good, but the feedback has been even better! People are really excited about the idea of spreading God's word through fashion.

FNM: Are you planning on selling your apparel in stores or will it only be available online?

KB: Right now we are mainly focused on selling online, but we are looking to do whatever God's will is for the company.

FNM: What do you hope to achieve with the clothing line?

KB: I hope that through our products we will spread God's word throughout the world. I also hope that lives will be impacted through the verses on our clothing and kids who are dealing with bullies in school will be given hope by reading the verses on a schoolmate's jacket or purse, and that ultimately others will be drawn to God's Kingdom. 

FNM: How do you respond to any criticism you may receive about the line?

KB: I personally made a decision a long time ago to not let the negativity effect me and bring me down. As long as I know that I am staying true to my convictions and what I believe then I know that what we are doing with the clothing line will impacts people and change lives.  We also pray for comfort and protection.

FNM: What’s next for you?

KB: Having a baby in January, continuing to work on our clothing line, as well as expanding our product line.