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4 Major Makeup Mistakes (and How to Fix Them Now)


There's no denying it, makeup trends are always changing. It's no wonder the latest seasonal must-have colors and top transformational ingredients are always competing to be your most perfecting products.

With all of this weighing in on your mind (and makeup bag) how can you possibly pull together your signature look while still managing sophistication, a current fresh vibe and continued confidence that you are in the know?

Here’s some of the most common makeup mistakes I see being made and my quick fixes to easily land yourself on the cutting edge of beauty.

Matte is All That

Hardly. The years of perfectly matte skin are revived with illuminated, glowing, fresh skin. When starting your day, powder is great way to set your makeup, but for mid-day touch-ups try substituting the all over pat down with a blot. Blotting papers remove oil without disturbing the makeup, all while preserving your natural, youthful glow.

Multiple Products Are the Way to Go

Summer is here and there’s no better time to shed some layers — makeup layers that is. Cutting edge products are here to help ease the burden of the multi-step application. Try using products that are multi-functional, deliver exceptional, lasting results and also combine some of your “essential” steps all into one. BB, and now CC creams, can really do it all. The latest rage is combining perfecting, priming, sun defending, moisturizing and sheer to moderate covering, all-in-one. Skip the multi-step process for a single product that will leave you feeling refreshed, primed and ready to conquer with minutes to spare.

Waterproofing is Taboo

Waterproof, crease and smear-proof products aren’t just meant for frolicking in the ocean. They are tremendous resources in preserving the look you create in the morning to one that will last and remain flawless throughout your day. For mascaras look for this new trend: instead of dehydrating waterproof versions, try mascaras that offer smudge-free/tear proof options. They hydrate and resist wear with quick end-of-day removal by simply using a splash of tepid water. Waterproof eyeshadows are also fantastic. Look for anti-crease, anti-flake solutions to your current favorites that may tend to wander. Aqua/waterproof eyeliners and lip liners can last from the office to cocktail hour. I also recommend bold, bright eyeliners that happen to be water-proof. Not only will they remain bright, but they will also stay put. And for days when you don't feel like applying lipstick, add a hint of tint on your moisturized lips with a feather-proof liner.

And that brings me to my last point.

You’ve Gotta See My Line

Lip line, that is. Lip liners are fantastic aids in defining and emphasizing you lip shape, even creating a base of color. However, a supremely defined, competing shade can end up looking harsh. Try a matching nude toned waterproof lip liner to shape and define your pout for hours. For a subtle hint of color try a neutral shade one degree darker than your natural lip color to add a slight tint for a fresh summer look.

Armed with these basics you are sure to step out with confidence and a little lighter load. Why not take this is as the perfect opportunity to further downsize and go for a smaller makeup bag?