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Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Style Problems...Solved!


 (Associated Press)

When it comes to fashion, Kim Kardashian can't seem to keep up with her pregnancy curves.

From teetering on towering stilettos to squeezing into tight leather dresses, the expectant star has come under heavy criticism for her choices in maternity wear.

It doesn't have to be this way, Kim! While giving up personal style may seem daunting for someone adapting to a baby bump, it is possible to look comfortable with your new shape AND stay chic.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

David Zyla, an Emmy Award-winning stylist and author of "Color Your Style," advises fashionistas to experiment with accessories rather than clothes to avoid any unnecessary squeezes.

“In keeping the sexy appeal during all your trimesters, now is the time to take a look at your grooming,” he says. "Is your lipstick vivid enough? Do you love your current hairstyle? If not, then maybe this is the time to try one shade brighter or a slightly more glamorous cut."

So forget emptying your wallet on ill-fitting dresses that make you look heavier. Zyla says pregnancy is the best time to shop for that must-have accessory you’ve been eyeing on, which you can still rock beyond nine months. “This is the perfect time to indulge in the accessory you have been coveting,” he explains. “A bracelet, purse or sunglasses purchased during your pregnancy will fit you after the birth as well.” Ideally, it’s a better investment than buying nine month’s worth of clothes you may not wear again.

Go Bold with Color

Kardashian does get it right…occasionally. When it comes to working bright hues into her maternity wear, she tends to be on trend.

This could quiet those accusing her of being ashamed of her growing baby bump by wearing too much black. “Some of the best have been her excellent use of color blocking, pairing a teal pencil skirt with a black v-neck sweater,” says Cecelia Myers, chief styling officer at CakeStyle. “She’s going for a body-con pregnancy outfit in this instance, but it really works since the color-blocking splits the line of the outfit to draw the eye to her narrow ribcage."

Stick with One Trend

Ever the socialite, Kardashian always makes an attempt to show off one of many fashion trends, but sometimes too much of a good thing doesn't make for a good look. “I respect Kim’s attempt to continue to dress fashionably, however, her downfall is that she wants to do too much with each look,” says New York City-based stylist Sara Cooper. “I’d stick with one trend that works for your particular pregnant body. Wearing body conscious styles or colorful, bold pieces is totally ok. I don’t recommend doing both at the same time.”

Bring On the Belts

Kardashian may be weary of heading to the maternity aisle, but when it comes to being stylish, fashion designer Rosie Pope of Bravo TV’s “Pregnant in Heels” insists it’s a major fashion no-no to wear the same silhouettes in larger sizes instead of pregnancy attire made to embrace growing curves. “Pregnant women should stay true to their pre-pregnancy style, but attention must be paid to waistlines,” says Pope. “It is best to choose one asset that you feel the best about playing up and pick a style that accentuates it. A belt over the belly and beneath the bust can prevent a tent-like look.”

Short Hemlines? Forget About It

The reality star has said she prefers to show off her legs, but with a petite pear shape, that may be a mistake. “The short hemlines she has worn aren’t ideal as they cut your silhouette in half, which isn’t flattering for the pregnant figure,” explains Cecile Reinaud, the founder and head designer of Seraphine where the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly spotted shopping. “A longer knee length style gives you a more elongated look to contrast the curves.”

Wear Black and White in the Right Places

Another current trend is wearing black and white, which should be tried carefully. Myers says that when it comes to the black/white contrast look, it’s important to know where each color is placed on the body. In one instance, Kardashian got it right. “Kim is rocking the black/white contrast look with this leather skirt and white top, with the black on the bottom helping to balance out her shape,” explains Myers. “The white at the top draws the eye upward to the face.”

No Two Trends Are Equal

Kardashian may want to show off the latest trends when spotted by paparazzi on the street, but some trends should be left on the runway when expecting. “Print is one of those trends that’s tricky to pull off on a regular basis, one I probably wouldn’t attempt while pregnant,” says Cooper. “The peplum is another that’s not working out so well for Kim while pregnant.”

Pick Flowing Fabric

Pregnant women should be proud of their curves and one way to do so is by ditching the supertight couture. “Generally speaking, tight silhouettes that embrace the growing bump look good until the last trimester,” states Pope. “At that point, it is better to switch over to flowing fabrics that will hide other areas of your body that you may not be feeling great about at that point in your pregnancy.” For Kardashian, Pope highly recommends this look. “I think embellished necklines on flowing fabric would be perfect for Kim, as it would draw attention up to her face and drape over her curves.”

Give Flats Some Love

It's obvious Kardashian loves her high heels, but that doesn't mean she has to avoid slipping into something a little more comfortable. "At this point heels are no longer a good idea," says Reinaud. "They are not only bad for your back, but can affect your posture and force your bump forward." As an alternative, Kardashian may want to wear ballet flats, which can be dressed down or up. Also, Reinaud suggests looking for specially made pumps with patented inner soles, which can help to alleviate aches and pains.