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Shoe Designer Steve Madden Picks Your Fall Footwear


 (FOX News Magazine)

Steve Madden’s name has become virtually synonymous with shoes. The fashion mogul has over 20 years of experience popularizing trends in the footwear industry.

Who better to ask for advice about our fall shoe wardrobe?

Put your feet up as he walks us through it:

What are the hottest trends this fall?

“For men and women it’s actually similar,” Madden says. “It’s booties and little combat boots" that have a "rugged kind of feeling."

If I’m going to buy one pair of shoes this fall, what should it be?

“I like the little boots on heels” Madden says. “There’s a shoe in the Steve Madden store called the ‘Regain.’ It's a little dress bootie with a back zipper that I love.”

I want to buy motorcycle boots. Do you think they’ll be in style much longer?  

“I think they will be,” Madden says. “I think they are very big in Europe also. Low little engineer boots are real good — actually, we call them engineer boots we don’t call them motorcycle boots — I suppose engineers wore them on the train,” he explains.

What are five pairs of shoes every woman should own?

“A beautiful pair of black pumps, an ornamented flat sandal, a wedge sneaker, waterproof rain boots and some sort of running shoe."

What’s the most comfortable option in your collection?

For a fashionable yet comfortable experience, Madden suggests  “a nice flat shoe or platform wedge.”

I have to ask, where do you buy your shoes?

“I get free ones, so I don’t really buy them all the time,” Madden admits, “but there is a guy in LA that makes shoes, a custom shoe maker that makes shoes for AC/DC and some old rock and roll guys that you can buy on Sunset Boulevard that I get."