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Give Yourself a Bustline Makeover


We spend a lot of much time and money trying to keep our face taught and wrinkle-free,  but we often neglect our neck and décolletage. Jene' Luciani, author of "The Bra Book," offers some tips to keep the bustline looking it's best:

The first step is getting educated about your best fit. 

Get sized correctly before going into the store. Once there, spend an hour or so trying on some different brands and styles until you find out what works for you.

Anyone above a C-cup and over the age of 45 who hasn’t been surgically enhanced or lifted should be looking for a bra with an underwire. Remember it should be snug — the looser the underwire, the less cinching you'll get, and your chest will look less lifted. Get molded cups for extra shaping, like the kind you would find in a basic t-shirt bra, but you don't necessarily need a padded bra. 

Here are some great bra shops:

Once your chest is lifted, you have to address the skin and wrinkles that are a tell-tale sign of aging and can mar a perfectly smooth bustline.

A youthful face but aging neckline is often a dead giveaway of plastic surgery.

You can fight an aging neckline with anti-age cream, firming creams/gels or anti-wrinkle creams, or go for more of a targeted approach such as Dr. Matthew Schulman's Neck Firm, Neck Hydrate and Brighten Plus. Dr. Schulman created his neck products with special spray and pad formulas, so you can treat your neck and décolletage with the same powerful ingredients that have been shown to improve the health and appearance of your face.