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Shape Up With Bethenny Frankel

Find out what "Real Housewives" star Bethenny Frankel is really hiding under her clothes.


Even the self-proclaimed "Skinnygirl" says she needs a little boost to look her best. Reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel tells us how she enhances her assets.

Why did you decide to create a shapewear line?I decided to create Skinnygirl Solutions, my shapewear line, because so many women complain about discomfort when wearing shapewear … I wanted to create something that was affordable, comfortable and empowering.

One of your products is called the "Booty Booster." Do you ever wear it?Some of the line is playful, like the booty booster is kind of … almost like a silly, fun garment for when you just want to have a little more junk in your trunk. I wear it not that often, but every so often, I’ll just put it under something just to see if my husband notices.

Why did you name one of your shapewear lines “Glamouflage?” It’s about camouflaging your flaws, but in a glamorous way. It’s being sexy and being comfortable, because I usually wear undergarments that I’m not exactly so proud of and I created this line because I wanted to feel sexy and feel comfortable … And I think that women — of all shapes, of all sizes, all ages — just want to feel more confident. That really is the key to feeling attractive, to feeling good about yourself.

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