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Beautiful 'I Do’s'


Come with me on a little vacation from your desk and picture this: The big day has finally arrived. You’ve snagged your prince charming, planned the fabulous fete, and you're standing arm-in-arm with Daddy, ready to be swept down the aisle. Suddenly, a tear comes to your eye …

 … AND YOU PANIC. Because, hello! You forgot waterproof mascara! D'oh!

Accidents like this do happen, but I’ve got some sure-fire ways to avoid a bridal makeup meltdown.

Plan ahead. You want to look radiant on your big day, so map out your beauty routine well in advance. Remember, what worked for your best friend may not work for you, so be sure to test out the exact makeup you will be using to avoid any bad reactions on your wedding day. Also, test out the artist who will be applying your makeup.

Avoid surprises. Don’t start any new routines. I’d suggest starting a good skin care regimen and workout routine a few MONTHS before the big day, not a few DAYS. Don’t go get a peel if you’ve never had one, or go tanning if you’ve never been, or even try to run a mini-marathon to drop those extra pounds. Doing anything drastic is DANGEROUS. Your significant other is marrying YOU for a reason … so be yourself.

Use a primer — especially because the weather is so unpredictable in the spring and summer. Also, for a spring or summer wedding, I’d recommend going with cream-based products because powders can get cakey. I love the Cover Fx Clearprep Mattifying Primer: It’ll prevent shine AND keep your face in place as you dance the night away. If you wear foundation, this one by Oxygenetix is a must-have! It's light enough for everyday use, but provides full coverage for photos. I wear to the office EVERY DAY, as well as on the red carpet. It doesn't melt, and it's "breathable" so you won't break out.

Less is more! You definitely want to wear some makeup because you'll be in a lot of pictures, but 99 percent of the time, wearing too much makeup ages people. Avoid makeup artists who tell you that red lips or a dark liner is necessary because you’re taking photos. Brides should have a natural, pretty, fresh face! Absolutely wear waterproof mascara, but have a makeup monitor who can tell you if your mascara is starting to run. Try a scented body lotion, too. A great one is LaVanilla’s body lotion. It’s got a lightweight formula that will leave you soft, not greasy. And when you start to sweat, it smells delicious!

Say goodbye to grease! Get yourself some blotting papers and shove them in your bouquet for easy access. Then swipe away any grease before pictures.

Smile … a lot. There’s going to be a ton of photos taken of you.

Stick by his side. People want to see you and Mr. Right together — it's why they came!

Eat before the wedding. There’s a good chance you’ll be busy with guests, and won’t have time to sit down for dinner.

Don’t drink too much. Nothing is trashier than a drunk bride.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don’t sweat the small stuff. In most cases, you’ve done all the planning you can do. If things don’t turn out PERFECTLY, you cannot get all bent out of shape. No one is ever going to remember (or even notice) that your floral arrangements didn't exactly match your programs, or that you accidentally smudged your left big toenail. They WILL remember a cranky bride, so put on a happy face.

And for goodness sake, have fun because IT'S YOUR WEDDING!  While I'm sure you'll be perfect, these simple tips will guarantee that you'll be “Bride-eriffic” and NOT “Bridezilla” on the big day.