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Precious Metals Nails at Home



There's no need to visit a salon for this shimmery metallic manicure! Get this fabulous look at home with our simple step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Apply one layer of Stickey Base Coat.

Step 2. Apply one layer of Gold Chrome Colour down one side of the nail.

Step 3. Apply one layer of Silver Chrome Colour down the center of the nail, slightly overlapping with the gold.

Step 4. Apply a third coat of Copper Chrome Colour on the opposite side of the nail, blending into the silver.

Step 5. Apply two thin layers of Gold Shimmer Effect over the entire nail.

Step 6. Using tweezers, place gold leaf foil around the perimeter of the nail for a solid gold effect.

Step 7. Seal and protect with one layer of Air Dry Top Coat.

(Note: The products listed above are made by CND, but feel free to substitute your favorite brands.)